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No-Javascript Addon No Restart

Turn Javascript ON/OFF faster than ever befor in Firefox! The Extension comes with cool Interface, including Popup & Sound Notifications everytime you Turn ON/OF Javascript. You can also use Keys (CTRL + ALT + J) to turn ON/OFF Javascript on Firefox.

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Ditambahkan ada December 20, 2015

Spoiler Jedi No Restart

Your personal Jedi knight to protect you from Star Wars VII spoilers.

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Ditambahkan ada December 19, 2015


AliEn Monitoring with MonALISA. Follow the computing Grid vital parameters (running jobs, current issues with head nodes, storage elements, functional tests) and quickly jump to the detailed monitoring pages.

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Ditambahkan ada December 16, 2015

Humility Dofus - Alerte Live

Si vous souhaitez ne rater aucun stream d'Humility !
Cette extension est faites pour vous !

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Ditambahkan ada December 15, 2015

Unsterbliicher - AlerteLive No Restart

Soyez au courant quand votre streameur préféré commence à streamer!

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Ditambahkan ada December 9, 2015

DialMyCalls - SMS & Voice Broadcasting No Restart

DialMyCalls allows you to send a list of numbers a voice broadcast or SMS text message instantly - Try It For Free Today!

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Ditambahkan ada December 7, 2015

UfrogTV Live Extension No Restart

Pour savoir quand UfrogTV est en Live !

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Ditambahkan ada December 6, 2015

Карьерист.ру No Restart

Карьерист.ру — популярное расширение для быстрого поиска работы.
Расширение позволяет отслеживать и своевременно сообщать о работодателях, которые просмотрели ваше резюме или прислали вам приглашение на собеседование.

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Ditambahkan ada December 4, 2015

iStreet - Shop.Raise.Donate - Reminder Tool No Restart

Never miss a free donation for your chosen charity! It just takes one click to activate the donation. People who install the extension raise 5 x more for their chosen charity.

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Ditambahkan ada November 30, 2015

ERP No Restart

To log into the erp site

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Ditambahkan ada November 29, 2015

Realtime IP Check No Restart

checks your ip via the service

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Ditambahkan ada November 28, 2015

Khabardar No Restart

Khabardar is a browser extension that warns against unreliable news websites.

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Ditambahkan ada November 28, 2015

Keep Believing In Santa No Restart

Because loves the internet, and wants it to be a fun and safe place for all the family, we have launched a campaign called ‘Keep Believing In Santa’.

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Ditambahkan ada November 27, 2015

Notification Sound No Restart

Makes a sound when a notification is shown. Can play system default sounds or a custom sound file and lets you customize for which origins to show notifications.

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Ditambahkan ada November 23, 2015

FreshRSS-Notify No Restart

A FreshRSS Notifier for smart people
don't forget to activate the api on your FreshRSS server

get sources here :

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Ditambahkan ada November 23, 2015

PmArea - Time I need to work No Restart

Indicates hours user need to work today.

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Ditambahkan ada November 21, 2015

Celtic Tuning Vehicle Stats No Restart

Celtic Tuning Vehicle Stats analyzes the page you are viewing and shows matching vehicle's stats - conveniently and inobtrusively.

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Ditambahkan ada November 16, 2015

Plaza+ No Restart

Adds several new features and commands to the 3DSPlaza chatrooms.

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Ditambahkan ada November 15, 2015

AlphaCast Stream No Restart

Soyez informés dès qu'un stream est lancé sur la chaîne Twitch d'AlphaCast !

Dès qu'Alpha commence un stream, l'icône change et vous indique le nom du live en cours par l’intermédiaire d'une alerte personnalisée.

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Ditambahkan ada November 5, 2015

America II Lead Time Calculator No Restart

Calculate the delivery date of your components based on the lead time.

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Ditambahkan ada November 3, 2015