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Proxy Privacy Ruler

Restrict Proxy by Private Windows, Tabs and Domain List

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Classic Bookmarks Button Membutuhkan Muat Ulang

Mainly for Firefox 29+!

This add-on restores bookmarks menu known from older Firefox versions on Firefox Australis.

Use 'Customize (Toolbar)' menu to place the new bookmarks button on your favorite toolbar.

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Policeman gives you precise control over what web requests are allowed. Create rules based on domain name and type of resource being requested. It can also be used to improve privacy or block cross-site scripts.

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Addons Manager Hilite

Remembers last selected (hilited) extension/theme/plugin/userstyle in Add-ons Manager. Version 3.0 also includes sorting buttons. Turn off/on the add-on selection list box and/or fine tune behavior via its Options.

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This addon predicts your character based on date of birth
This add on would be added to addon bar above the taskbar with name HCGdora and click on it to open

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Edit Middle Membutuhkan Muat Ulang

Show AwesomeBar results when editing in the middle (not just at the end)

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Double-click action for Firefox -
double-click Link, Bookmark/History to open in new tab (emulate ctrl+click).

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Secure Password Generator Membutuhkan Muat Ulang

Easy to use add-on to create random secure passwords.

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Better URL Bar

Makes the URL bar and Search bar more readable, and the navigation-toolbar compact.

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NoScript Security Suite Membutuhkan Muat Ulang Unggulan

The best security you can get in a web browser!
Allow active content to run only from sites you trust, and protect yourself against XSS and Clickjacking attacks.

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Media Keys

Lets you control various media sites using the media keys on your keyboard without having the Firefox window active.

Supported Sites: youtube, pandora, spotify, bandcamp, google play, yandex, soundcloud, tidalhifi, deezer, plex, vk and more.

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bioFOX Membutuhkan Muat Ulang

Bioinformatics tools on Mozilla based browsers

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xThunder Membutuhkan Muat Ulang

Manage popular downloaders (Windows, Linux, Mac) and support special links of thunder,flashget,qqdl,ed2k,magnet,fs2you.

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Double Click Closes Tab Membutuhkan Muat Ulang

The fastest (yet safe) addon to close tab using mouse only! Close any tab by double clicking the tab. Close current tab by triple click anywhere on the page. Optionally middle click or double right click on page to close tab.

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Select like a Boss

Select link's text just like a regular text (like in Opera'12 browser) - Select like a Boss ;)

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PrefBar Membutuhkan Muat Ulang

The all in one toolbar(item). Houses and manages bigger amounts of buttons (Clear Cache, Clear Cookies, ...), Menus (User Agent spoof...) and checkboxes (Javascript, Flash, ...). Extensible from online-database or with self created buttons.

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Irvine ContextMenu Membutuhkan Muat Ulang

Downloads links and images with Irvine.

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AntyŚledzik - Skasuj śledzika z NK Membutuhkan Muat Ulang

AntyŚledzik jest dodatkiem usuwającym Śledzika KOMPLETNIE z naszej-klasy.pl. Poza kasowaniem boxa ze strony głównej kasuje także linki w menu oraz na stronie profilu.

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NAMFox Membutuhkan Muat Ulang

Neoseeker Automated Markup - A Firefox Add-On for Neoseeker.com Users

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Проигрыватель радио ультра (радио ultra) (radioultra.ru)

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