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Steam Powered Forums Browser Updated

An addon for easy browsing of the SteamPowered Forums

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146 users

SteamCups: CS:GO No Restart

MIX, CW и турниры по Counter-Strike: Global Offensive на SteamCups.com

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SteamRep Checker No Restart

This extension checks the reputation of a Steam user on SteamRep.

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Step.to URL Shortener

With this addon you can shorten the url of the active tab with one single click. The short url is then copied to the clipboard.

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Stereo Image View Converter

Displays a side-by-side stereo image pair in line interlaced mode.

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Stevecast Updater 1.1

Stevecast's auto update service.

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A doc worker.

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Save selected text to file.

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Augment the visualization of the web in an easy and safe way (requires Greasemonkey)

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Sticky Fields

Makes form elements automatically populate with a "remembered" value.

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52 users

Sticky Notes No Restart

Put sticky notes on the web page

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2.455 users

Sticky Notes by TSL No Restart

Simple sticky notes utility which provides facility to make small notes of any thing.

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Sticky Plus Highlighter & Anchor/Link/ToC sidebar

Permanent multicolor rich sticky notes and highlighter. An Adobe like web annotation tool, with 6 predefined colors +3 more text styles. Combined Sidebar with grouped/flat view navigating for annotations + list all anchors/links/headings(ToC).

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StickyThis Toolbar

An extension to help create and use 'Stickies'. Please visit our website to see how this extension and our service can make your web browsing experience...

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Stitcher Radio

Easy toolbar access and playback control for the Stitcher Radio app which gives you on demand access to over 20,000 popular radio shows and podcasts from sources like NPR, CNN, Fox News, Wall Street Journal, BBC, Adam Carolla, and more.

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1.378 users

Stock Market Quotes

Live stock market quotes ticker and monitor.

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Stock Viewer

China Stock Viewer

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stock zoom

Stock zoom (formerly iStockZOOM) helps in generating large composite images from iStock®* without using a Photoshop®* to put puzzle pieces together.

Remember to buy picture without watermark when you'll finally fit it to your design.

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2.549 users


Lightweight integration of a stock ticker into your browser.

Rated 3 out of 5 stars (43)
1.674 users