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MarkDown Editor Requires Restart

Simple editor for MarkDown documents.

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Markdown Fastmail Notes

Render plain text Markdown formatted Fastmail Notes in HTML

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Markdown for MeFi

Use Markdown when writing on MetaFilter.com.

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Markdown Here Requires Restart

Write your email in Markdown, then make it pretty.

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Markdown to JIRA

A right click menu entry to automatically convert Markdown syntax in JIRA's Markup (and the other way around).

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Markdown Viewer Requires Restart

Markdown document viewer.
Allows to visualize formatted markdown documents in browser.

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Market Redirector Requires Restart

Market Redirector let you an ability to open android market: links in a favorite online service.

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market2member Requires Restart

Market2Member verktyg för att enkelt söka rabatter och cashback i hundratals butiker på internet

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Marketplace App Reviewer Cert installer

Installs App Reviewer certificates for production and dev Firefox Marketplace so signed packaged apps can be installed from the reviewer tools on Android. ** If you're NOT an app reviewer on Firefox Marketplace then you don't need this app.**

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MarketWatch Discovery Bar Requires Restart

Discover related Market Watch articles, blogs and videos as you surf and share them with your friends!

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markNewestVersion Requires Restart

This KISS extension marks the latest file version in a web pages file list (like a directory index).

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Marktplaats Anti-Spam

Verberg advertenties van gebruikers en Marktplaats naar keuze.

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marktplaatsrssfeeds Requires Restart

Adds rss-feeds to auction site marktplaats.nl

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Marquess Requires Restart

Are you a journalist, analyst or someone who is interested in easy access to various relevant content? There is finally way to let your computer search for you. Try Marquess, a tool for ad-hoc search and improve your orientation on the web.

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Marquette University Interactive Theme

This is the OFFICIAL licensed browser theme designed especially for Marquette athletics fans. You'll enjoy a stunning Golden Eagles Firefox theme, quick links to the best of Marquette athletics and a sidebar for the latest action.

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Marro.ws Highlighter Addon Requires Restart

Marro.ws provide you an unlimited text area to save and share your valuable content from different websites so you can easily access to your marks everywhere via their unique URLs.

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Mars Translation

Free machine translation for Firefox. Enjoy translating into more than 30 languages for free.

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Marshall U Alumni Theme with Personas Interactive

This is a browser theme built especially for alumni of Marshall University. With the Marshall Alum Browser Theme, you'll enjoy a stunning Marshall theme, quick links to alumni Facebook and Twitter pages, and easy access to HerdAlum.com

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Marshall University Theme w/ Personas Interactive

This is the only OFFICIAL theme of the Marshall University Thundering Herd! Built especially for fans of the Herd, you'll enjoy a stunning theme, quick links to Facebook and Twitter pages and up to date Herd news and information

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MartialArtSupplies Requires Restart

Search Engine For MartialArtSupplies

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