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Загрузчик изображений img.sc по URL в один клик

Добавляет в контекстное меню дополнительный пункт для быстрой публикации изображения по URL на базе сервиса хостинга изображений img.sc

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Asystent Nauki Angielskiego

Pomoc w nauce angielskiego i rozumienia tekstów przez tłumaczenie pojedynczych, rzadkich słów.

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Start the c and c media's yg game and Dard Blood game in the webpage.
It's a NPAPI plugin for firefox and chrome.

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DON'T PANIC No Restart

Be a safe internet hitchhiker.

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Digger Reloaded 2 No Restart

This is Restartless Build of previous version. Toolbar button added.
Dig through URLs with mouse right button click (context-menu).

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BMI Calculator and Weight Tracker

BMI Calculator+ and Weight Tracker is a free application for calculating your body mass index.

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Nie wieder einen Gutscheine verpassen mit dem Gutschein-Addon von McGutschein.
Das Plugin von McGutschein zeigt euch im jeweiligen Shop gültige Gutscheine über ein kleines Symbol direkt im Browser an.

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The first demo add-on of mine

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Cette extension remplace le bookmarklet officiel et intègre un bouton « Shaarli » dans la barre des modules.

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Plancast Event Adder

Add events to your calendar with one-click! Share with your friends instantly!

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Go to Top

Adds a "go to top" toolbar button.

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Merdeka.com No Restart

Get updated news from merdeka.com

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Disable support for the native Full Screen mode in OS X Lion+.

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Foodlve Daily Diabetes Diet

Foodlve provides a new free service "Daily Diabetes Diet "
You can track your food daily

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Troll Faces for Facebook Chat

Troll Faces add-on will include popular Troll Faces in to Facebook chat smileys panel. So you can easily use Troll Faces while chatting with Facebook friends.

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Dominion Full Card Display

Display the full card text on dominion.isotropic.org! No more mouse-over and waiting for the pop-up!

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A simple button to Clear All Cookies

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Restaurants in Amman Jordan

This add on will give you access to the best restaurants in Amman - Jordan, phones and locations

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Slow Google Reader

Inspired by the Slow Web, this add-on hides recent items in Google Reader. All entries with today's date will be invisible until midnight.

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Enliken No Restart

Enliken is a new way to manage your shopping data and share it with businesses you trust.

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