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PDF Control

Gives you an option before opening the pdf inside firefox.

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This addon let's you switch between different social networks.

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Internet Radio Switch

Χρονοπρογραμματιζόμενο άνοιγμα διαδικτυακών ραδιοφωνικών εκπομπών.

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Steam linkfilter bypasser

Bypasses the linkfilter on steamcommunity.com before even loading the linkfilter page.

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SmallURL for Firefox, Smallify in a click!

The small and simple URL Shortener has hit Firefox!
You can now shorten your URLS in a click, They're even put on your clipboard too!

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CodeNav makes it easier to explore code on Github.

* Hover over a variable to highlight other references and visualize them on your scrollbar.
* Click an object or variable to search for other instances in the same project.

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Mega Radar

Pesquisar e comparar preços nunca foi tão fácil.

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Who Commented

Gives you list of all the usernames that commented on a post, or who submitted a post on reddit (depending where you ask) hit the button :)

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Raul HC - Tem gente?

Um addon que informa se há algum membro na sede do Raul Hacker Space.

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Plugin szort.us

Dzięki tej wtyczce szybko skrócisz swój link i udostępnisz go dalej! Najkrótsze linki, możliwość zmiany tytułu i inne dzięki szort.us.

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Twitch Disable Unfollow

Disable the unfollow button for channels you already follow on twitch , more info can be found on my twitter https://www.twitter.com/sCop3SCouT

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Zaqwes Translate

The simplest intext en-ru-en translator. Just select peace of text and open context menu.

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Web Security Perlu Mulai Ulang

To inform end users with authenticity of the websites and the web content hope to replace Firefox's identity box and plugin icon.

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SSL を利用したページへのアクセス時に、プライベートブラウジングモードの利用を促すアドオンです。
共有PC への導入目的で作成しました。

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Online Chess Games

Play Online Chess Games with Computer, with your friends or with other across the world.

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Multi Open Plus Perlu Mulai Ulang

open a list of urls at one time, for people who like to check several websites everyday.
upgraded version, support multiple lists.

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GeoNames Context Menu

This Add-on provides two context-menu items that will allow you to search highlighted text for locations or postal codes from geonames.org.

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ВК Tools

Инструменты для ВК

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iQube Scheduler

iQube Schedule Notifier

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Hong Kong Weather Warnings

For peoples in Hong Kong SAR.
It will display current weather information and warnings announced by the Hong Kong Observatory.

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