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dotjs is a Firefox Add-on that executes JavaScript files in `~/.js` based on their filename and the domain of the site you are visiting.

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WOT ratings for Ecosia

Shows WOT ratings in Ecosia search results.

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ipFlood Membutuhkan Muat Ulang

Simulate the use of a series of proxy changing at each new connection.

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kiosk-costaisa Membutuhkan Muat Ulang

RKiosk (Real Kiosk), fullscreen kiosk mode: all menus, keys etc. disabled
Costaisa variant.

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Buy Wizard


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Don't track me Google

Removes the annoying link-conversion at Google Search / maps / ...

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Offers Olymp

OffersOlymp ist ein kostenloses Browser-Addon, das dir aktulle Rabatte, Gutscheine und Aktionen deiner Lieblings-Online-Shops direkt im Browser anzeigt.

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Magic Actions for YouTube™

Enhance your YouTube watching experience! Auto HD, Ad Block, Cinema Mode, Mouse Wheel Volume Control, Screenshot...

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Baixou Agora

Seja avisado automaticamente sobre o melhor preço enquanto você faz compras online

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Facebook Ad Block

Remove unwanted contents on the Facebook website, including sponsored posts and recommended pages/groups.

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Xvideo downloader for Android

Easy to use xvideos.com video downloader created specifically for Android devices

Download porn videos to your device from xvideos.com with this addon

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InstaGet: Download images/videos from Instagram

This addon allows you to download instagram images/videos with just one click.
Select an image/video from someones profile and click on the InstaGet icon in the top-right corner.

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CleanupTabs Membutuhkan Muat Ulang

Automatically close unused tabs (keep only N most recent tabs).

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Popup Blocker Ultimate Membutuhkan Muat Ulang

Popup Blocker Ultimate makes it easy to block pop-ups.

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Realtime IP Check

checks your ip periodically via webservice or custom script

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Youtube To Mp3 / Mp4 Downloader

Youtube to Mp3/Mp4 converter and downloader free online quickly and easily.
Supported portals: facebook, instagram, soundcloud, redtube, xvideos, xhamster, pornhub, vevo and other sites.

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UI Eraser

Hide Firefox User Interface.

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Live Start Page LST

Live new tab page: living photos in your browser, weather, to-do list, and bookmark tiles

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LCD Clock Membutuhkan Muat Ulang

displays a LCD Clock in your Toolbar

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Fit Text To Width

Fits text on most web pages to the width of your phone, automatically and quickly.

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