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Firefox All Aboard 1.5

The Mozilla Firefox Educational Tool

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Disable Add-on Compatibility Checks (Version 40+)

Reinstates the extensions.checkCompatibility preference.

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YouTube a MP3

Inserta un botón en la pagina de Youtube , que permite con un solo clip descargar el Mp3 de un modo directo y con el maximo bitrate.
Nada de redirecionamientos, ni publicidad.

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Search Shield Study

A shield Study add-on testing the search experience.

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ESCape From Them GIFs… (Use 'Esc' to Toggle Gif Animation On/Off) Pause all animated gif's with the ESC key... A second press toggles them back on. (image.animation_mode)

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Native HLS

Allow the browser to play HLS video urls (m3u8) 'natively'

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Youtube Video Download

1. Install Extension
2. Play youtube video in your browser
3. Click the KV icon then click respective links to download
The most popular Keepvid.site website's Youtube Video Download Extension

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YouTube MP4 Downloader

Download YouTube videos in MP4 format.

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Add URL to Window Title (Advanced KeePass Usage)

Add the full URL or hostname of the current web page to the window title. Designed to help other applications identify the current window. Helps KeePass (http://www.keepass.info) to identify the current URL for auto-type.

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Lets the user direct the submission of a form to a new tab or window. [Bug #17754]

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dotjs is a Firefox Add-on that executes JavaScript files in `~/.js` based on their filename and the domain of the site you are visiting.

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OmniSidebar Unggulan

Bring your bookmarks into view with just a gesture. Move the sidebar across the screen. Open a different sidebar by just clicking its title. And more! Keeps your sidebar simple and quick to access!

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Social Fixer

Social Fixer for Facebook fixes annoyances, adds features, and enhances existing functionality to make FB more fun and efficient. Filter the news feed, hide sponsored posts and political posts, hide parts of the page you don't want to see, and more!

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Swap Proxy Membutuhkan Muat Ulang

Swap Your Proxy Setting instantly just by a click.

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XDM Hook Membutuhkan Muat Ulang

XDM integration module for Firefox

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RuTracker add-on

Extended functionality for RuTracker.

Комфортная работа с зеркалами и пр.

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In My Pocket

For all those who are missing the old Firefox Pocket addon, here is an unofficial client for the excellent Pocket service. Enjoy!

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Force Addon Status Membutuhkan Muat Ulang

Provides ability to change status of specific addon (enabled/disabled).

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webPass Firefox works in conjunction with Stoneware webNetwork version 6.3 (and later) to provide single sign-on (SSO) capabilities within Firefox.

You must be authenticated to a webNetwork server to use this add-on.

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Impero Education Pro

Provides content authorisation as part of the Impero Education Pro software product.

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