Featured Complete Themes

  • LavaFox V2

    LavaFox - A dark and hot theme for Firefox.
    Fully skinned and animated.
    120.702 users
  • Classic Compact

    A very compact & highly customizable theme that minimizes space consumed by menu & tool bars without hurting the overall usability. Supports Windows, Mac & Linux.
    141.744 users
  • Noia Fox

    Theme for Firefox and Thunderbird
    Based on Noia Iconpack by Carlitus (deviantART)

    Noia Fox options is here (small icons, square tabs,...).
    106.349 users
  • Noia 4

    Noia 4 -the successor of Noia 2 eXtreme- offers many skin types, easy Personas usage and many settings inside 'Noia 4 theme manager'.


    Noia 4 discontinued. Read info on main page or support forum.
    94.888 users
  • FT GraphiteGlow

    Smooth graphite theme for Firefox
    30.344 users
  • FT DeepDark

    Smooth dark theme for Firefox
    • Beta version available here
    215.816 users
  • BlackFox V2

    BlackFox - A dark & hot theme for Firefox.
    Fully skinned and animated.
    38.655 users