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After installing this extension it gives following youtube error:
Task Queue failed at step 5:Playlist could not be loaded:Error #2032.Refreshed page but still problem remains.Firefox 33b9,winxpsp3.

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I am very tired of Adobe Flash freezing FireFox and locking my PC monitor, hence PC. Therefore, delighted to find "YouTube HTML5 Player 1.10". But I still keep seeing a popup trying to trick me with
"Would you like to install the plugin needed to display the media on this page? Install flash."
Please finish the job and banish all mention of Flash.

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the video plays fine. My system won't play flash. But it won't let me even access some sites, like foxnews. So it is only useful if I turn it on when needed. too much trouble.

Great extension, when it works. Peringkat 4 dari 5 bintang

It appears that Google broke YouTube's compatibility with this extension again. It doesn't work on all videos anymore, and I'm only able to watch most videos in 360p. When it worked, it was great, and allowed for html5 playback on all videos, not just those that were part of the html5 trial. Too bad YouTube is making things hard on everyone lately.

Firefox 25 on OS X.

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Macht was es soll!

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Nag install adobe keeps popping up to be installed, have to refresh each video to get it to play. But, it's free and works.

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good app...