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Version 1.2 20.1 kB Bekerja pada Firefox 21.0 and later

Version 1.2:
- HD Embedded YouTube players (Experimental -- Off by default): Embedded videos now play in HD. You have the option to choose 720p, 1080p or off. The primary technique for embedding videos (using <iframe>, as suggested by YouTube themselves) is covered; however, this option is labelled as experimental because some web developers do not always embed YouTube videos according to the recommended standard - sometimes (rarely) websites can interfere with editing the embedded code; I can't guarantee the state of every website. I have also included support for privacy enhanced mode: "www.youtube-nocookie.com".

Thanks to reviewer ".tnm" for giving me useful info for starting this.

Known issues:
1) Occasionally (rarely) embedded videos will get stuck in a (re)loading loop -- disable the embedded option to work around. In the past 6 months of testing, I have only seen this on 1 site.
2) YouTube advertisements that play before your video interrupt this process, and therefore won't make the video HD. If the advertisements weren't there, then this wouldn't be an issue.
3) Only works for <iframe> embeds (YouTube's newest technique for embedding videos), not the <embed> method -- the code is working (verified through code inspection), but it doesn't seem to make an affect (as if it is being ignored).
4) With the "Prefer HTML5" option selected in this addon's options, sometimes the video will not play in HD as well. This is down to YouTube.
5) "Embedded" videos on YouTube (e.g. on user channels) are not embedded in the same way that YouTube recommends embedding videos; therefore, they are not made HD.

Dev Notes:
I have left the code in for editing embedded YouTube video <embed> objects, but commented it out. The code is there if anyone that wishes to take a look.


1.1.4 (included with version 1.2):
- Minor Performance enhancement: in rare situations where the URL is not needed to be edited (e.g. URL already contains "&hd=1").

Version 1.1.3 182.3 kB Bekerja pada Firefox 19.0 and later

- Added a new icon
- Started integration of localised code (new languages to come when I get a translator)

Version 1.1.2 172.2 kB Bekerja pada Firefox 19.0 and later

Fix the description in Add-ons Manager.
E.g. Avoiding certain characters like '&' from being encoded as '& amp ;'

Version 1.1.1 172.5 kB Bekerja pada Firefox 19.0 and later

Minor bug fix and performance improvements:
  • Replace regex with 'indexOf()', which is significantly faster than regex in recent Firefox versions.
  • Fixed an issue where if watching an embedded YouTube video and clicked on it to view it on youtube.com, a timestamp is passed in the URL after a '#' (e.g. '#t=224'). The 'hd' and 'html5' parameters that this add-on adds to the URL are only recognised if they appear before the '#'.

Version 1.1 172.5 kB Bekerja pada Firefox 19.0 and later

This add-on now also contains an optional preference (off by default) to load videos in the HTML5 player.

Version initial.rev3 169.2 kB Bekerja pada Firefox 19.0 and later