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  • Extremely annoying for it to refresh all 9 billion open youtube tabs.
  • 好!!!!
  • That this person request $10 for this is an example of what we must to overcome if are to beat the corporate parasites.

    Having a good idea and spending an hour or two making it happen is not how we are going to win this war.

    I'd be more than happy to pay you more than $10 for a finished product. This is an exercise.
  • Anyway, will try to keep it short; but basically this causes YouTube to load a black screen. I can see the video buffering, but nothing is playing.

    I click on it and then it switches to PAUSE icon. I click on it again and then it does the spinning loading graphic. If I manually jump ahead in the video it plays normally.

    I do not have FLASH installed. I finally removed this and just installed - DISABLE HTML5 AUTOPLAY - and everything works normally. No flash so Firefox should be loading HTML5 by default, but the autoplay seems to load a black screen. With this OTHER Add-On it is paused and the click loads and plays the HTML5 video fine.
  • повреждена последняя версия. не обновляется.
  • This flash player is really work for me as it buffer videos very fast as compare to other, Thanks
  • test
  • It automatically reloads ALL YouTube pages. WHY?
  • The flash player really gave major difference when buffering with 720p (according to my internet), it really buffer faster, thanks a bunch :))
  • Installed it, refreshed the youtube page, and instantly, it all became beautiful and crisp. Automagic!
  • Do not reload automatically.
    Look and feel is bad
    but works
  • A little ahead of time, but not too ahead to fail. HTML5 is in kind of transitioning period. So, perfect timing for this addon.