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Just what I needed and then some.

Very useful addon Peringkat 5 dari 5 bintang

Very useful add-on if you like to mark/highlight/annotate text for future reference, while reading articles/tutorials et al. online. The markers are persistent.
One feature that is missing is the sync of markers across Firefox browsers on different machines using the same account.
Works flawlessly.

I dont understand how to use it Peringkat 3 dari 5 bintang

I had tried it and red the tutorial. After half an hour, I understanded it a bit. After a couple of months, I tried to use it again. My shortcuts- I ordered to the markers by the first use- dont workt and I also haven't found any other way. I deinstall it now.

Useful but too difficult to use. Peringkat 4 dari 5 bintang

Having to select and drag the text to a small colored box on the side is just too tedious, especially if I have to highlight a lot of text. For a couple of highlights it's fine.

Suggestion: change the cursor to a colored highlighter so that it can be used multiple times without interruption and without having to drag anything (similar to MS Word, or Adobe Acrobat)

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please include e10s support, great add-on thanks.

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The best digital highlighter the Internet has seen. Please bring support for e10s

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Сделайте опцию, чтобы заметка\слово не запоминало свою позицию на странице, а запоминала только URL - и находилось на любой странице этого сайта, включая фреймы...

We've re-evaluted this and have found it an excellent, problem free, highlighter. Peringkat 5 dari 5 bintang

This is somewhat of a response to “Decayed and Died”

We are a little new to using Wired-Marker but have understood the limitations if changes impact what is highlighted, either by FF or whoever provides the content.

In order to insure that highlights are retained it is possible to find out where they are located on your hard drive. By checking these you can be assured that the program is retaining you highlights.

The following is where our highlights are stored:

file:///C:/Users/[name of your User account]/AppData/Roaming/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles/????.default-????/WiredMarker ...????

The question marks have been inserted because the text string will be different for each user.

Another technique for finding your highlights is to search your drive for one of the phrases you've highlighted. Know in advance that Windows 8.X takes forever to find the phrase,so don't become impatient. Let the search complete. If the highlights are found, make a note of their location on your hard drive. If nothing is found, you have a problem.
The highlights will be organized by date in HTML files. A partial description of the saved webpage will be recognizable as part of the HTML file, if the webpage was successfully retained. If not, it would seem that you need to find other sources for your information that will not edit what has been released. No highlighter will be able to be of benefit to you if the type of highlighting you do is located on websites that continually change their content.

Would the author of the "Decayed and Died" review please provide your input. Please look on your drive as outlined above and let us know if in fact the highlighted phrases you think are missing might be located on your drive using the above described search. This may further help us and other users to assess the dependability of this Add-On.

Also provide a description of your OS and hardware, since limitations therein may impact whether your system is capable of saving what you describe as extensive highlighting of content you have saved. If, for example, you partition your hard drive and do not provide enough space for the content on a particular partition, that could become a limitation.

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This is the most helpful add-on for me. I've been using it for two years now and I love it. It's working with all versions of FF. Thank you so much for this add-on and I hope you will make an update to this app(the last update is from 2011).

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OMG !!!!! This is THE addon I was looking for a while .... It works perfectly with FF 37... Thank you !!!!

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Непонятно работает

Decayed and Died Peringkat 1 dari 5 bintang

The conept is great. The current implementation makes the add-on useless.

I was previously using this add-on for legal and historical research. The add-on was a real time-saver for the first month that I used it. Thereafter, I noticed that my previous highlights were disappearing on many pages. See the issue described by another user here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/wired-marker/reviews/243185/ . The disappearing highlights were somewhat easy to restore as described by another user here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/wired-marker/reviews/406670/ . However, soon, right-clicking each cache entry (hundreds of them, and growing) and remapping to get back my highlights became more and more cumbersome to the point that the benefit of saved time dwindled away to almost nothing. A few days ago I updated to FF v36 and now the "remap" function has disappeared, leaving me with literaly hundreds of disappeared highlights and no reasonable way to get them back. The add-on was great in the beginning, but then decayed into complete worthlessness. The bottom line is that all the time initially saved by this add-on was all for naught, and, in fact, this add-on has ended up costing me more time than if I had never used it at all, as now I must either find a work-around to get my highlights back or find a different, reliable add-on and use it to perform my research all over again.

It was great while it lasted, but now I strongly recommend that no one waste their time with this add-on or, at the very least, that no one use it for anything important.

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This app should be part of Firefox browser.

Pretty Good, So Far Peringkat 5 dari 5 bintang

I have no idea why highlighters are not an automatic feature for FireFox. They are so important! I am just getting started, but it seems pretty good, so far. It is certainly better than anything else I've found.

1) Can it be that whatever folder I have selected automatically turns my mouse into that color of highlighter? Drag and drop is nice, but it's a bit much when working with a glossary.

2) If I highlight an entire section, I want to be able to remove highlighting from any tiny part in that section.

3) I want to save the whole page, with highlighting, to a certain folder and with a certain name. I also want to be able to open that page again and continue working on it without losing previous highlights and still being able to adjust all highlighting as desired.

Using Ctrl+highlight does not allow me to select multiple occurrences (something that can be dangerous, but time saving). It may be that it just does not like glossary tables. If I select something in one cell, then try to select anything else, even if it is in the same cell, it just selects the whole cell.

I know this requires a lot of work, but it'd be nice. You've an excellent add-on, here. :) Good work!

Does not show colors when page view in simple mode! USELESS =( Peringkat 1 dari 5 bintang

I can highlight stuff when disabling colors and fonts in web pages, but the highlights 4 THIS app will not show in that mode, making it useless, because I prefer 2 browse all pages while forcing black background and gold text (way easier on the eyes =) This is also the reason I use 'Mouse Gestures Redox' still = shows trails in this mode & has more options than competitors.

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Great, but I miss integration with Firefox Sync.

The best of the best Peringkat 5 dari 5 bintang

Use for many years. Hit, I love it!
Need Progress For Future. Thanks for creating a really useful extension!

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The keyboard commands are a key advantage over several of the other text highlighters, but otherwise the user interface is terrible. It is very cumbersome to clear a group of markers, cumbersome to highlight text with the mouse, and to choose different colors via the mouse and a context menu (right click). It is so cumbersome that I no longer use it and use another text highlighter and sometimes another add-on that saves/appends selected text to a file.

Deserve downloading Peringkat 5 dari 5 bintang

very useful for marking as well as organizing .html, strongly recommend!

Great Research Tool Peringkat 4 dari 5 bintang

Hi great tool, been using for years.

Having one small problem. Cannot get concordance sidebar to display. On FireFox 17.01 and latest WiredMarker. The side area shows but no colored marks to show where bookmarks are on page display. Otherwise would have been 5 star. I emailed you with a small video showing problem so hope we can find a solution and I can update here.