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  • Hello! The addon doesn't work properly. When I copy smth with context menu. Then "Paste here" also with context menu. It appears popup window with the message: "Storage is empty". Please fix.

    Update: Works just perfect, sorry for mistake. Updated rating.
    Please post your support question to the support page (with details)
  • Awesome! It's so easy and fine soultion for everyday routine copy/paste work! Thank you)
    Could you please add a feature "add url at the end" instead of "add url to each copy" available now? Would be nice if there's only one url at the end if you copy it all from the same page. Also, could be cool to choose to frame the link in () or <> or not to frame at all
  • Works well for what I need to do. One additional option I could use is have the ability to add a new line after each copy... Thanks!!
    At the moment, there are 2 unicode new lines after each entry. Do you mean more? or less? or something else?
  • Works extremely well; clears history when pastes, unlike most addons. Not operated by context-menu options (delete history, disable etc) like some, so quicker. First you have to choose "Text Multicopy" in context menu after selecting text, then "Save to Clipboard" before you can paste it. You have to choose 'text multicopy' the first time, but after that whichever you context option choose makes no difference. The archive is deleted when you paste, no options on this, which suits me fine as i paste into Notepad++ if i want to save it. (I tick 'save within Notepad++', the top, 'usb stick' option, on installation, so saving is instant when pasted.) Has option to automatically copy and paste URL with your copy selection, which you can deselect, incredibly useful for students' bibliographies i would think. The addon only addon of this type that works for me. 'Append..' and 'Add more text' (names?) worked but didn't clear their history history, so rapidly become impossible! NB i rewrote this after the reply...
    Every time user uses "Text Multicopy", a copy is saved and appended to the previous data, however this operation does not interfere with normal copy/paste operation. In other words, it does not overwrite the content of clipboard.
    Whenever user decides to utilize the saved data then choosing the option "Save to Clipboard" will overwrite the clipboard so that it can be pasted wherever desired. It also clears the saved data.
    I hope that helps.

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  • This extension works as intended and I find it very useful. I believe the extension could be further improved if it allowed some simple customizations such as, for instance, an option to only paste the quotes without their urls
    Thank you cerotto. I will consider that for the next update.