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there is a side bonus to this plugin I think the developer should develop into a full fledged feature. this plugin allows you to see youtube comments without having to be logged in!

these days i don't like being logged into youtube but comments don't load if you're not logged in, so i went looking around for a plugin that would do that. this was the only plugin related to comments that wasn't about blocking but actually about reading them. so gave it a try hoping it would by pass the logged in block and it did! good job.

to the developer. if you re-purpose this plugin and market it as "able to read comments without logging in" it would be really popular IMO.

EDIT: As a reply to Daniel Dawson (Developer)

if it could be made to view the comments on the same page of the video that would be great, but it is good enough the way it is.
it definitely should be highlighted as a feature though.

utilities i'd like to have would be things like:

1) being able to sort comments from the oldest.
the choices now are only "top" and "newest", it used to have oldest, so maybe the function is still there to be called.

2) replace the "load/load more" button at the bottom of the channel's video "uploads" page with page numbers

3) change the dates of the videos from the current "3 weeks ago", "2 years ago" to the actual published date.

4) anything that can be done without logging in that would normally require log in, like

being able to see comments on a channel's Discussion page.

bypass age restriction

toggle auto play

things like that.

That's interesting. I wasn't aware of that. Thanks. But I'm not sure how it would be further developed in the direction you suggest. I could rename the add-on and relabel the menu items, but other than that, they seem to do exactly what you want. Is there something more you'd like? Perhaps reading the comments *without* going to a separate page? I don't know how well that could be done, but I suppose that would work better for your purposes.

I've been thinking about developing a more general "toolkit" for YouTube. A sort of collection of utilities like this, since there are other things I and others would like to be able to do. I don't have too many clear ideas, though.