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  • very very simple
    I liked Mozilla Archive format, but it is not compatible with new version Firefoks. Therefore I look for the capabilitise for save page to read it off line. I Explorer give such functionality. Single file is good add-on
  • Love this add-on. I have been using Singlefile for perhaps a couple of weeks with firefox mobile and so far it has worked flawlessly. Thank you, to the developer!
  • very good extension. it is different from mhtml, it is html, it save image to base64, not a image.
  • This works great and better than a PDF export because it preserves the code underneath and the links. It has a host of well thought out options. You can easily export the pages this add-on generates into PDF if needed. An exceptional way to archive pages. Oh yea.. it's also on GIT!
  • I don't get it. I have hundreds of mhtml pages saved from the legacy mhtml add-on UnMHT and this won't open any of them.

    Update: The developer is correct, I did not read attentively. Since this does not enable Firefox to read mht, mhtml files it is pretty much useless for my purposes.
    SingleFile is not designed to open MHTML files. There is no mention of this feature anywhere except in your review. SingleFile is designed to save pages as HTML files.
  • After Mozzilla removes .mht format I have been using SavePageWE until last week, than I switch to SingleFile. It is, so far, much better for my personal use. It saves all pictures I need and there is one more useful feature - color annotations. Thank you for your your hard work gildas.
  • Great addon - thanks! Suggestion: to add a header on saved page showing the URL of the page.
    Thank you - It already exists, it's called the "infobar" (cf. the "i" icon at the top right when opening saved pages). By default, it will give you the saved date and a link to the original page.
  • That was great.