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  • After Mozzilla removes .mht format I have been using SavePageWE until last week, than I switch to SingleFile. It is, so far, much better for my personal use. It saves all pictures I need and there is one more useful feature - color annotations. Thank you for your your hard work gildas.
  • Great addon - thanks! Suggestion: to add a header on saved page showing the URL of the page.
    Thank you - It already exists, it's called the "infobar" (cf. the "i" icon at the top right when opening saved pages). By default, it will give you the saved date and a link to the original page.
  • That was great.
  • Great extension fr.
  • Je commence à tester l'extension. Pour le moment, pas déçu du tout. Fait très bien son travail.
  • I had to give this 1 star in order to write this review of this useless add-on, but really, I give it no stars.. I am keeping a pdf copy of Amy Siskind's Experts in Authoritarianism series. Each week, it's about a 20 to 30 page document. Safari has no trouble saving this document quickly. Firefox only saves 1 to 3 pages and the pages may be mostly blank. Absolutely ludicrous. I don't understand at all why Mozilla can't equal Safari. They have the brains, they just don't have the will. This SingleFile is a useless app. I just go back to Safari to get my pdf, then come back to Firefox for ad-free browsing.
    I'm sorry that you had an issue with SingleFile. You can contact me via the description page of the extension or post an issue here: https://github.com/gildas-lormeau/SingleFile/issues. That's how you're supposed to inform me of a problem.
  • è necessario. Dovrebbe essere parte integrante del browser
  • ឡេ ធា រី
  • Thank you, great addon!
    Can you please add ability to set path to save?

    Thank you, this is worked.

    i use screentextshot/{page-title} ({date-iso} {time-locale}).html

    Also to move to any different folders, not subfolder i use AHK script

    ~^+y:: ;hot key ctrl shift y
    Loop { ; wait until file is exist
    sleep, 5000
    } Until FileExist("C:\Users\Sat\Downloads\screentextshot\*.html")

    Loop Files, C:\Users\Sat\Downloads\screentextshot\*.html ; get created file names from folder
    Filemove, %A_LoopFileFullPath%, C:\staff\screentextshot\%A_LoopFileName%, 1 ; move to destination folder

    ToolTip, Сохранено C:\staff\screentextshot\%A_LoopFileName% ; message
    ;Msgbox % A_LoopFileFullPath "`nC:\NewPath\" A_LoopFileName A_LoopFileLongPath
    Sleep, 2000
    ToolTip ; remove message
    Thank you for the review. You can save pages in sub-folders of your download folder by delimiting them with "/" in the filename template (see the options page).

    Edit: Thank you for the feedback and the additional info.
  • Великолепное дополнение, НО с настройками "по умолчанию" не сохраняет все изображения на странице, для того что бы сохраняло ВСЕ, в настройках дополнения нужно выключить пункт "Изображения - группировать дубликаты изображений".
    Так же с помощью данного дополнения можно легко и корректно перевести ранее сохраненную страницу .MHT в .HTML.
    A great addition, BUT with the default settings does not save all the images on the page, in order to save EVERYTHING, in the add-on settings you need to turn off the "Images - group duplicate images" item.
    Also, with the help of this add-on, you can easily and correctly translate a previously saved .MHT page to .HTML.
    Thank you for your review! If you are not using Waterfox, then what you are describing is a bug. Feel free to contact me or post an issue (with a sample URL showing the bug) on Github so I can fix it. If you are using Waterfox, this is indeed unfortunately a known issue.
  • 最好的單文件保存網頁擴展,而且是html格式的,通用性極佳.謝謝開發者.