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  • An indispensable tool for content caching.
  • Tysm for this mate I download so many webpages and this saved me a lot of uncessary files.
  • Nachdem "maff" tot war, nun entlich eine perfekte Alternative. Habe lange danach gesucht. Herzlichen Dank an den Entwickler!
  • I love this extension, it's very well done & very useful for many things including: offline browsing; & record-keeping ( extensively tried in Linux ). And it doesn't pilfer my private data. Viva la libre.
  • The file is well compressed and it seems to save even the images. So far so good! I only have one question: Is it saving the whole page content for offline use? Even the images and other files that would normally be outside of the HTML-file? Because it looks almost too good to be true haha
    Yes it does save the whole page content :)