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What are SearchPreview Sponsored Links?

For some search terms, SearchPreview will insert sponsored links into the Google search results (labeled as 'SearchPreview Sponsored Links'). For this feature SearchPreview connects to the server or or (depending on your location), the chosen server will try and send back sponsored links that fit with the search term.

Why Sponsored Links?

9 dedicated servers using up over 15TB of monthly traffic cost real money, administration and development also cost real money. The sponsored links will hopefully help cover the costs.

What data is sent to a SearchPreview server when a preview image is requested?

The preview images are requested via the HTTP protocol, this request will contain the following information:

The request for the preview image (For example
Your IP (for example
The referrer (the site the image was embedded in, for example
The user agent (a string identifying the browser you are using, for example Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X; en-US; rv: Gecko/20070725 Firefox/

Every HTTP request contains the above data, see the RFC 2616 ( for a detailed description of the protocol details.

Do the SearchPreview servers log all this data?

No, the SearchPreview web servers are configured to log only date, request, http status code and the time in milliseconds needed to process the request. This is an example log entry for the above request:

[12/Aug/2007:13:09:15 +0200] GET /preview?s= HTTP/1.1 200 1

Your IP, the referrer and user agent are not stored.

Why is the request saved in the log files?

This information is needed for the SearchPreview crawlers that crawl the web and create the preview images.

What happens with the log files?

The log files are processed automatically by the crawlers and are deleted after 10 days.

Do you sell data or let others process the data?


Who provides the site popularity ranks?

The site popularity ranks are provided by Alexa Internet Inc., an company. To receive the site popularity ranks of the sites in the search results page SearchPreview executes a HTTP request to This request contains the referer and the URLs of the sites in the search results page. The response contains the rank values for the search results. You can disable the site popularity rank feature in the SearchPreview options, in this case no data is sent to / requested from the Alexa server.

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