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Version 27.9 kB Bekerja pada Firefox 1.5 and later, SeaMonkey 2.0 and later

[x] Fixed: long left-click opens not actual link, if it was changed (#9).
[+] Added support for Feed Sidebar extension (#12).
[*] Hide “Show in Status Bar” checkbox in Firefox 29+, if status bar isn't restored by some other extension.
[x] Workaround for conflict with Multi Links extension (#13).

Version 26.8 kB Bekerja pada Firefox 1.5 and later, SeaMonkey 2.0 and later

[x] Fixed conflict with InFormEnter extension: icons after text fields isn't clickable (#4).
[*] Slightly improved startup performance.
[x] Fixed detection of XUL links in Firefox 26+ (#5).
[x] Fixed detection of links from CSS Inspector in Firefox 22+ (#6).
[x] Correctly select first menu item, if options menu was opened from keyboard (Alt+F2 by default) in Firefox 25+.
[+] Added support for any tree with bookmarks/history items (#7).
[+] Added support for history menu inside Australis menu-button.
[x] Fixed detection of “Open …” menu items in RSS bookmarks in Firefox 4+.

Version 26.2 kB Bekerja pada Firefox 1.5 and later, SeaMonkey 2.0 and later

[*] No longer use internal JAR archive.
[x] Fixed: real links, that looks like dummy, may be opened in current tab (#1).
[x] Fixed: tabs isn't clickable after opening of any link with click handlers (extensions.rightlinks.workaroundForMousedownImitation preference) (#2).

Version 22.7 kB Bekerja pada Firefox 1.5 and later, SeaMonkey 2.0 and later

[*] Improved: don't use tabs in popup windows (as Firefox itself) (extensions.rightlinks.dontUseTabsInPopupWindows preference).
[*] Use "dragstart" event instead of deprecated "draggesture" (if available).
[*] Improved: stop "dragstart" event after long left-click.
[*] Correct position of item in Tools menu in latest Firefox Nightly.
[+] Now you can use extensions.rightlinks.filesLinksPolicy = 3 to copy link location.
[x] Workaround for fake "mousedown" event in budaneki extension.

Version 22.1 kB Bekerja pada Firefox 1.5 and later, SeaMonkey 2.0 and later

[*] Improved mechanism of temporary disabling: now disabled extension handles only necessary minimum of the events.
[x] Fixed opening links using "long" left-click when used extensions for mouse gestures.
[*] Click handling now stops after mouse wheel (for compatibility with mouse gestures).
[+] Added calling of browser API for security checks before load of any link.
[*] Small internal improvements and optimizations.

Version 20.5 kB Bekerja pada Firefox 1.5 and later, SeaMonkey 2.0 and later

[x] Fixed incompatibility of "long" left-click feature with budaneki extension.

Version 20.5 kB Bekerja pada Firefox 1.5 and later, SeaMonkey 2.0 and later (2012-09-03)
[x] Fixed: preference extensions.rightlinks.ui.toolbarbuttonCheckedStyle doesn't work for recently added toolbar button.

0.3.7 (2012-09-03)
[+] Added possibility to open links using "long" left-click.
[+] Added hidden preferences to open links in new windows (extensions.rightlinks.loadInWindow and extensions.rightlinks.loadInWindow.left).
[*] Improved compatibility with mouse gestures when switching tabs.
[x] Fixed preference extensions.rightlinks.ui.closeMenuRightClick in Firefox 16.0a1 (in addition to closing the menu, checkboxes is also switched).
[+] Added Alt+F2 hotkey to open options menu (preference extensions.rightlinks.key.showSettingsPopup).
[+] Added detection links in CSS-rules inspector (Tools - Web Developer - Inspect - Style) and hidden preference extensions.rightlinks.enabledOnCSSEditorLinks.
[+] Added detection links in Web Console (Tools - Web Developer - Web Console).
[x] Fixed toolbar button appearance with enabled extensions.rightlinks.ui.toolbarbuttonCheckedStyle preference.

Version 18.4 kB Bekerja pada Firefox 1.5 and later, SeaMonkey 2.0 and later (2012-04-09)
[x] Fixed opening JavaScript-links with unchecked "Load JavaScript-links (javascript: …)" (regression of version (2012-04-09)
[x] Fixed opening JavaScript-links (javascript:...) in background. (2012-04-03)
[x] Fixed handling of links like site.com/#!... on JavaScript-based sites (e.g. http://twitter.com/). (2012-01-27)
[*] Slightly optimized code for reading and writing preferences.
[*] Checkbox "Enabled" are displayed only when you open options menu from Add-ons Manager (in any other case just click on the menu item or button to enable/disable).
[*] Small code improvements.

Version 18.4 kB Bekerja pada Firefox 1.5 and later, SeaMonkey 2.0 and later

0.3.6 (2012-01-07)
[+] Added "standard" settings (available in Add-ons Manager).
[+] Added "Enabled" checkbox to options menu. (2011-08-09)
[+] Added XUL-links support (e.g., in Error console, if it will be opened in sidebar).
[+] Added test support for Firebug links.
[+] Added option to disable closing options menu via Right-click (by default menu aren't close anymore).
[x] Removed white spot in 16x16 icon (for dark themes).
[+] Detection images in Speed Dial page will be disabled (preference extensions.rightlinks.enabledOnSpeedDialImages).
[+] Added menu item Firefox - Options (only Firefox 4 and heighter).
[x] Fixed context menu suppression with installed RightToClick extension. (2010-07-23)
[+] Added hidden preference extensions.rightlinks.enabledOnSingleImages to disable click handling on separately opened images. (2010-07-17)
[+] If installed Tab Kit extension, links (but not bookmarks) will be opened in child tabs.

Version 16.4 kB Bekerja pada Firefox 1.5 and later, SeaMonkey 2.0 and later

[x] Fixed bookmarks and history items detection in Firefox 3.7a5pre+.
[+] Added possibility to completely disable stopping click handling after mouse moving (extensions.rightlinks.disallowMousemoveDist must be -1).
[*] Small code improvements.
[+] Added support for handling clicks on images.

Version 16.4 kB Bekerja pada Firefox 1.5 - 3.7a5pre, SeaMonkey 2.0 - 2.1a3pre

[*] Context menu showing prevention method is improved.

Version 16.4 kB Bekerja pada Firefox 1.5 - 3.7a2pre, SeaMonkey 2.0b1 - 2.1a1pre

[+] Added possibility to disable closing of settings menu after click (preference extensions.rightlinks.ui.closeMenu, by default menu are not closing. Firefox 3.0+ only.
[x] Fixed wrong context menu (it's was showing for link, not for clicked item).

Version 15.4 kB Bekerja pada Firefox 1.5 - 3.7a1pre, SeaMonkey 2.0b1 - 2.0.* (2010-01-25)
[*] Pop-up message after status changing appears only if all controls are hidden.
[+] Added updating of button state in toolbarpalette.
[*] Preference extensions.rightlinks.hideBookmarksPopup are renamed to extensions.rightlinks.closePopups.
[+] Fixed detection of links like <area href="http://..." />.
[x] Fixed removing of event handlers (regression of version
[+] Added context menu item for customize button appearance (preference extensions.rightlinks.ui.toolbarbuttonCheckedStyle). (2009-11-12)
[*] Own service for preferences reading/writing is used instead of chrome://global/content/nsUserSettings.js.
[*] Added preferences caching for performance improving.
[*] Names of preferences are renamed from rightlinks.* to extensions.rightlinks.*.
[*] Preference rightlinks.hideItemsMode is replaced with two separated - extensions.rightlinks.ui.showInStatusbar and extensions.rightlinks.ui.showInToolsMenu.
[*] Preference rightlinks.keyModifiers and rightlinks.keyValue are replaced with one - extensions.rightlinks.key.toggleStatus, using syntax like Adblock Plus extension.
[*] Preference rightlinks.toolbarbuttonCheckedStyle are renamed to extensions.rightlinks.ui.toolbarbuttonCheckedStyle.
[*] Improved default value of preference extensions.rightlinks.filesLinksMask.
[*] Small code optimization.
[+] Added support for SeaMonkey 2.0.
[x] Corrected opening of JavaScript-links (javascript: ...) in Firefox 3.7a1pre. (2009-08-13)
[**] Method for prevention of context menu opening is improved.
[**] Emulation of mouse clicks is used for context menu showing (sequence of events "mousedown", "mouseup", "contextmenu").
[x] Fixed showing context menu after delay in Linux.
[+] Added preference rightlinks.loadVoidLinksWithHandlers for allowing opening links with click handlers.
[+] Added preference rightlinks.disallowMousemoveDist - maximum distance of moving mouse with held right button.
[*] Context menu always shown at mouse pointer.
[*] Pop-up message is shown over Status Bar.
[+] Added test support of handling clicks on links like following
<a href="">
<a href="#">
<a href="#nonexistentAnchor"> (2009-08-09)
[+] Added support for XLink.
[+] Experimental support for links from bookmarks and history sidebar, based on code of Places' Tooltips extension, only Firefox 3.0+.
[+] Option for disabling handling clicks on history items.
[+] Preference rightlinks.toolbarbuttonCheckedStyle for disabling "checked" style of toolbar button.
[*] Better click emulation on JavaScript-links. (2008-11-22)
[x] Fixed strange bug with dragging links to bookmarks.