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Thank you for making this add-on, I have used it since you made it some years ago and have found it to be very helpful for many different reasons.
While you may have moved on to other things (you have not updated the add-on for 5 years, although it is signed now), one small change would be helpful. The links to Google and Archive need to "https" rather than "http".
I can easily change this myself, but the way Firefox now handles add-on signing means that Firefox will automatically disable the add-on if it finds the code modified. I can then re-enable it and live with Firefox's "proceed with caution" warnings, but, my having to modify the code to comport with contemporary security practice should not result in breaking Firefox's recognition of the add-on's status. (This is the reason for the lack of one star out of the 5 that it should get otherwise.)
Please consider making this small modification.

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When mouse right click on an webpage i click this addon menu entries, nothing happens. having FF 37.0.1

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Simple enough and does the job.

Though I noticed (in Google searches) some generated links return a 404 despite there being an existing & working cache drop-down link. Guess Google is just very finicky about the syntax.Also, might be a good idea to include somewhere in the description that PassiveCache works via the context menu (i.e. right-clicking link or current page). With all the menus, sub-menus, bars, and buttons firefox has nowadays, saves a bit of time searching.

Handy extension though, thanks.

Thank you

Thank you for the feedback! I had overlooked this, and just edited the description to include that the plugin ties into the context menu.

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Works perfect! Some sites redirect you if you get a 404, so I was looking for an addon that would work with a specified link rather than the current page. Thanks!

works perfectly for the versions for which it was designed Peringkat 5 dari 5 bintang

tard comments from those who do not understand the essential changes to firefox (not too brilliant) that break awesome extensions seemingly with every major and big-minor version "upgrade"

Ulasan ini dibuat untuk versi pengaya (1.2) sebelumnya.