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Great add-on, though with a few glaring issues. Each Firefox window has its own video list that it maintains; there's no central NetVideoHunter list that all windows share. So, if you want to clear the list, you have to go to each and every Firefox window and clear from there (and I routinely have 10-15).

That's made worse by not being able to block certain sites from appearing on the list. If I watch a NetFlix movie, it records an entry into the download list each and every second of the movie. It's common to have the download list include 2,000+ entries after watching a single movie. And, going back to the first issue, those 2,000+ entries have to be cleared out of each of my 10 windows, one at a time.

Besides those two glaring issues, it's a great add-on and does its job.

Ulasan ini dibuat untuk versi pengaya (0.4.3) sebelumnya.