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I'm the current developer and maintainer of the Mozilla Archive Format extension, and tried out Multiple Tab Handler while working on the tab selection window embedded in MAF.

As soon as I installed this extension, I found that it was very handy and really easy to use.

Using Ctrl+Click and Shift+Click on tabs did what I expected these key combinations to do. The extension also had some interesting features like selection-by-drag and close-by-drag.

Since I don't routinely use all the available functions, I was able to hide them from the context menu of the selected tabs, using the preferences window.

For developers, MTH provides a programming interface that makes it really easy to add new functions that work on multiple tabs; I used this interface in MAF, to provide an easy way to save multiple pages in a single file.

Really recommended.

Ulasan ini dibuat untuk versi pengaya (0.3.2009021201) sebelumnya.