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  • Hi, if you want to revive the extension you're very much welcome to steal the code from my Bulk Stored Password Changer that does the same but is much less glamorous - however it works with the new firefox API.
  • I love being able to update all passwords at once. Please update this add-on for Firefox 59! I can't live without it!
  • This WAS a great extension that I used quite a bit for work where I have to log into multiple different systems and am required to change my global passwords every 90 days. Like so many other great extensions, it doesn't work in FF Quantum. As much as I like the speed of Quantum I'm having to find work-arounds for so many things it feels like a bit of a backwards step in some cases
  • i use this a LOT. it saves me a ton of headaches. Please update for Firefox Quantum/Firefox 57+. Currently using Firefox ESR so i can keep using this plugin (and a few others).
  • Unfortunately it doesn't work anymore with FF Quantum. Hint: for the meantime, I have installed a previous version of FF portable in addition and use that whenever I have to mass update one of my passwords.
  • Worked fine so far. Need it updated for Firefox 57!
  • great tool...please create a new FF57-compatible version!!!
  • Guys, this addon is AWESOME... or, better, it WAS until Firefox 56.
    Hope a WebExtension version will be made soon...

    MAx - Italy
  • The features is great! But it has a bug, the add-ons claims to work with Fireofx 3.* ~ 26.* but it doesn't work with Firefox 25 (on my company PC) and Firefox 23 (on my home PC). Please fix!
  • Would be 5-stars if I could pick *which* of the matching sites to change the password for, rather than having to change ALL with password='oldpassword'
  • But Mass Password Reset loves me! I no longer have to change my saved LDAP password for each and every intranet site at work.
  • Very nice tool when you want in a large office have the same experience as SSO via IE on all those internal web sites and have to change your PW each few weeks.
    The search on PW is based on 'partial' match, it would be nice to have an option that filter PW-entries on full-match.
  • Perfect for my needs!
  • Thanks! This does exactly what I needed.
  • Nice, but I need to change the a specific pwd for a specific user. Per user or per pwd alone won't do the job.
  • Thanks to have implemented this, this is very useful. I can now change at once the password I use for mail, calendar, and LDAP address book.
    Thanks a lot, really.
  • In my corporate environment I have to change the Intranet password every 90 day.
    This password is of course used with dozens of websites.
    This Addon allows me to change this recurring password within a few seconds !
    Thank you very much for this very useful addon!
  • Super Addon, saved me a lot of time :)
  • Awesome addon! Ever consider upstreaming this to Firefox as a permanent feature? Great work to johnath, gavin, mossop.
  • This addon is doing a really good job!!!
  • I love you whomever made this! It lets you reset a single password and replace it with another. Very useful for when you access a site that requires periodic password changes.
  • Excellent - just what I needed! Works like a charm (although a little on the slow side).
  • This is a great add-on, and I think we should see it reviewed and taken out of the sandbox. Not just useful for Mozillians, but anyone who rotates their passwords frequently.

    One nit, though: there seems to be an inefficient code loop for the reset-by-password dialog. You should probably be chunking the input instead of doing the search after each character, as the UI isn't very responsive.
  • Hi, awesome add-on i love it ! But i have a question: if i have the "remember me on this computer" option on my passwords and i change them, does it remember the new password or do i have to set the option again?