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  • 你是我一生最大的渴慕
  • good
  • excellent application! keeps getting better too all the time. Best Speed Dial out there and I have many of them and this one although may not be as flashy as fvd speed dial however it is truly much better in the fact that it let's you sync your data for free where as fvd speed dial charges you 4.99 month to do that which that is freakin crazy why would someone want to pay that for such a simple task. but anyways Infinity speed dial takes the lead in the new tab page arena as far as I'm concerned I've been using it for a couple of years now and its simply the best for me!
  • Vraiment tres bien faite cette extension est tres users friendly
  • I switched from Chrome to Firefox for a number of reasons. This add-on is one of the things that solidified my decision. An incredibly easy to use, customizable app. Fantastic.
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