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  • Addon does not work.
    Firefox 50.1, Status-4-evar

  • It was the best extension to view HTTP headers, but it really needs an upgrade for newer Firefox.
    It still works with Status-4-evar since Firefox 45!

  • Works well for the most part. The icon is still placed in the status bar (deprecated in current versions of FF) so it can't be moved. Fix that and it's a 5 star app.

  • Works pretty well!

    A nice addon would be a short history of headers to catch the 302 + Location response.

  • Works pretty well for me (FF4, Loonix[Debian])

  • Interesting.
    Though on my computer, it cuts off a part of the information (there is never enough room for it to show all the text in its window). Could you fix that? I am using Windows XP and FF 3.6.13 if it helps.

  • How do I make it work in Firefox 4? There's no status bar.

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    Just enable Add-on Bar: View -> Toolbars -> Add-on Bar
    The Header Spy panels will show on it. Also the NoScript and AdBlock Plus icons will be shows on this bar too.

  • How I had to configure Header Spy, so that I can see on which Server I am right now. Iam looking for the server name!

  • This addon is very useful. Use a * in the options to show all headers.

    Only problem is that the IP address doesn't get updated - I often switch between live and production servers by editing my /etc/hosts file, but on page refresh the IP address in the status bar doesn't get updated :-(. Please can this be fixed?

  • This addon is extremely useful for me. Where I work, we have load balanced servers for our websites, so the only way to know which actual server you are hitting is by a custom header. With this addon you can show whatever header field you want in your status bar with the proper configuration. The only slight is that the configuration is a little weird and I had to fiddle with it a while to get it to do what I needed.

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    I'll fix configuration dialog to make it less weird. Thank you for using Header Spy.

  • It should be here ALL header entries, not just the ones could be accesed via DOM

  • Hello

    I can't see all server request/response headers for a webpage...

  • Works great! Taking the time to look at the options gives you the ability to view whatever headers you need.

  • Great(!!) App!!!
    Because user's review Thomas Paine, I get this working very well.

  • It took me a little while to figure out how to add additional header items but I eventually figured it out and loved the add-on .... until I updated to FF3 and found it incompatible :(

    Please update plugin to work in firefox 3

  • First of all, I love it it's better than Header Monitor however just a note for anybody thought that Header Spy provide only the basic information about the header No No ,it's not true just go to Header Spy "options" and in the "config" tab there is "add" button to add any Level of information in details like :
    * X-Powered-By
    * X-Cache
    * Cache control
    * Content Encoding
    * Referrer
    * Accept-Encoding
    .... And Much Much more .
    and also it's not dependent on Live HTTP Headers , also take a look at The "Headers" tab in the "Page Info" window and you will know why this extension is much better than Header Monitor.
    and I wonder why this extension is rated less than Header Monitor so I give this extension 10/10 good work and keep going ;)

  • this plugin sounds like it might be really useful, however, upon further inspection, this tool lacks even basic features and really does not give any information to the user... For instance, the only information it shows about header communication is the User-Agent and Cookie fields.... it does not show the full, raw header request or response..... I\'m not sure why this basic level of detail was left out of this software, but anyway I\'ll continue to stick with Live HTTP Headers, as this product is definately not ready for prime time.