Good, but... Peringkat 3 dari 5 bintang

Should be an essential add on, but works sporadically in Firefox, and as of today, 8th Jan 2016 a big panel pops up when you log in to Gmail on Firefox to try to get you to upgrade to Premium...Gmail just loads and reloads endlessly until you manage to catch it and only then can you get to your emails.Really stupid idea!

Good add-on but, sadly, abandoned... Peringkat 4 dari 5 bintang

This is a great add-on which still works well with Gmail, despite not having been updated for a long time. Sadly, it seems to have been abandoned by its dev and is therefore unlikely to be around once Mozilla switches us all to WebExtensions... Chrome is where all the cutting-edge, up-to-date addons are nowadays, it seems.

Please, release Gmelius for Inbox by Gmail! Peringkat 5 dari 5 bintang

I recently saw Gmelius for Inbox by Gmail on Chrome. Since Firefox is now supported by Inbox, please release a Firefox version of that amazing addon.

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Gmelius is an extremely useful addon most of the time. What I mean by this is on occasion, it will cause the email display to overlap and become illegible, nothing a reset doesn't fix. However, in the process of sorting this out, I have come to find that an easy link to the settings page would be an imminently useful feature for the times when settings are causing issues. The only time the link to the settings page displays is on install. I finally grew some brains and bookmarked it, but the addon should be able to pop this open from the addon interface rather than from a bookmark that most people don't have.

Please read the FAQ and use Gmelius icon

Just click on the Gmelius icon, as explained in our FAQ or in the description of the add-on to change your Gmelius configuration:

More details can be found at

Best wishes

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Great addon! Many useful and well-thought features. A few weeks I have installed it and it seems very stable.

A must-have for any Gmail user.

Extremely useful Peringkat 5 dari 5 bintang

Great addon and features! Really reclaims a lot of space and makes Gmail so much better to use.

Keep up the good work, Gmelius team!

Not working Peringkat 1 dari 5 bintang

Although sounds a wonderful add-on, it doesn't work for me: I am not able to save my setups - i clicked on the damn "save changes" 1000 times for nothing.
Their support site is not working either. How can i complain, other than posting here?
My spec: Win XP SP3 with all updates, 'cause is a corporate PC / FF 30.0 / i am behind a firewall / I have 52 active add-ons.

Florian, pls. fix this issue - maybe you can recode it to allow user to save automatically its preferences on each moase click, without "save" button need. And OTP - pls put somewhere a zip file with crx extension for chrome because i use Coolnovo browser instead of Chrome and it doesn't allow me to install Gmelius.

Tx and regards.

Reset your Firefox User Profile


Ensure first that you run the latest version of Gmelius, i.e. in your browser. If it's the case, please read carefully the following post (i.e. reset your user profile) :

This should fix it! Send an email to if not.

Let me know and if this solves your problems, please update your review ! Many thanks.