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  • I have found this program for a long time.I like it very much because It help me to control using the internet.I can't access inappropriate web.It's a good filter.I'm sure it would make me stop worrying about the internet.When My sister use the internet I can be a pleasure that My sister will not be able to access a malicious web.My father recommend this program for me.He just give a computer notebook to me.Then he say"If I know you use the Internet in a bad way,you will not use it anymore." I'm very afraid him.: ( Maybe I button in to that page by mistake.But now,This program make me relax from a warnings of my father.Anyway maybe I do not like it.because it makes me feel like not independent.Sometimes the dangerous website is One of the challenges that a teenager want to do it.Finally ,This program should be improved something such as publicity and make the difference with the other. ^ ^
  • The HeliOS Project is an Austin Texas based non profit that fixes broken or decommissioned computers then gives them to disadvantaged Central Texas kids. We know how important it is to keep kids safe on the Internet. Many of our kids are between the ages of 8 and 12, and some are latch-key kids, meaning they are home and alone before their parents arrive.

    It's not every child that goes looking for trouble on the Internet...unfortunately, trouble has no trouble finding them. That's why The HeliOS Project finds FoxFilter the perfect solution for unattended kids using the computer. What we appreciate more than anything is the ability to centrally update the "blocked" list and the settings from a remote machine. The Internet changes faster than the weather so new websites with innocent-sounding names can be a nightmare for a child to stumble onto. We can update our FoxFilter account quickly and remotely, saving us both time and money.

    FoxFilter is also installed on our classroom machines. Our brick and mortar facility has 12 computers open for daily use. Our staff cannot always monitor every machine for inappropriate behavior or surfing so FoxFilter has been invaluable for us.

    This is the tool parents and guardians need when they can not be there physically.
  • What is it? Poor human nature? Why it's asking for registering on payment bases when it blocks sites.
    As we know, there is very few (5of100%) extentions showing direct demand for money based registration. Please close that content after blocking sites. I take my hat of only bec. you made really usufull tool for peope for parients
  • Good plugin. Could be excellent with some more granular controls; small alert window would be better placed at the bottom of the page as it disrupts the 'Remember password' bar. Otherwise, pretty strong filter; a must have if you have multiple platforms and need to use the same one, but need to exclude some machines.
  • A very good blocker, but had to unblocked non-harmful sites.
  • This Filter Is the Ubuntu Solution. I have Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu to work with, and a good filter is much needed. I have safe eyes for my other computers, but my ubuntu was left unprotected. Well this really is worth the money and its so simple. Use it, its not worth the risk to not have it.
  • This is a great filter and protects my family from accessing bad sites (accidentally or on purpose). It's well worth the support fee and my kids protection is worth the $10. Not sure why others think it should be free? Would be nice, but I'm sure the authors have put in a lot of time to create this great tool. Plus, it's free if you don't need to secure it with a password.
  • Muy bueno, muchas gracias por este maravilloso aporte
  • so far so good