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  • Does not work. User can simply remove the add-on. Images are not blocked. Filters ignored. Tested with paid subscription on latest chrome browser.
  • Works out of the box!
  • no effect.
    I could load all pornsites I am aware of. Not a single one was blocked.
  • not free. these types of filters are useless without password protection. and since you have to pay in order to use a password, that makes this not free.
  • So, in order to prevent my child from turning off this add-on, I have to put a password. In order to put a password, I have to pay.

    I get that it's a great tool, and you're providing it for free, but it's kind of useless when the whole of it can be undone by a kid with enough time to poke around in the settings.

    Thanks, but no thanks.
  • It was difficult to set up and difficult to remove. It filtered strange things, like the number 18. Why??!!! Yet some very filthy material came up several times.
  • Selbst "kleine" Seiten (habe einfach "ruski vids" eingegeben, und da kamen dann irgendwelche zwielichtigen Pornoseiten aus Russland) werden erfolgreich blockiert, wirklich toll!
    Oh, selbst wenn man nach bspw. "youporn" googlet wird es sofort geblockt.
    Wenn man nach "Katja" sucht und auf Bilder geht auch, wirklich super, alles wird blockiert!