It's shit Peringkat 1 dari 5 bintang

without pro version, plugin is crap

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What a sham. Nowhere does it say you have to pay for this thing, and yet, when you install it, it will give you the absolutely pointless and useless heriarchy inspector and all else, including the most valuable of all, output display, will only be available if you fork out money. What a scam !

Noo ... I want the old version back :( Peringkat 5 dari 5 bintang

Five stars for the old version... can we have it back??? I hate Flash Fire Bug :(

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Fantastic add-on for Firebug. If you are a Flash developer, you need this! Just bummed that I didnt have it earlier than now.

Ulasan ini dibuat untuk versi pengaya (1.0.0) sebelumnya.