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  • Have been using Easy Youtube Video Downloader for years, still the most reliable youtube video downloader. Thank you for always trying to keep it up and working!
  • Rare bugs but otherwise the easiest and simplest youtube downloader.
  • No longer working and and the author does not communicate about the problem. I'm a premium donate user.
  • I have used this Add-on intermittently for years, and it has really worked well and is so easy to use, but inconsiderately did not make a financial contribution (which is unforgivable, really. It's because I don't keep good track of these things).
    I've just now tried to download a video as an .mp3, but encountered an error, related to the changes in how YouTube is working. From the developer site, I found that they now now have to use an intermediate server, and their operating expenses have increased. So I was happy to take the opportunity to make a donation for the "Pro" version, and now the downloads work perfectly and as easily as before. Thanks so much to Dishita for making this service available. I try to respect artists as well, but sometimes special needs arise.
    I am sorry to see that there are some "angry" users, who seem to take great personal offense about the changes taking place in YouTube, and seem to have no sympathy toward the Developer. I'm sure it takes time and much effort to make the required updates, and I wish people would be more sympathetic, empathetic, more considerate, and LESS ANGRY. We all pay a price for that.
  • No longer working, I think I'll give another a try
  • gd
  • It doesn't work anymore to download MP4 on YouTube.
    There is a message which doesn't help or say they will fix the problem.
    They more or less say it's your problem.
    Please fix the problem or admit you can't fix it…
  • very good
  • I think this is the best Youtube video downloader I have ever used Its so easy Its Just Perfect I would like to say thank you very much for the pleasure of having the use of this, and all of your hard work put into it Well done
  • This extension no longer works to download YouTube videos. Have no reason to believe at this point the author will fix this extension. :-(
  • nice
  • excellent add-on
  • This add-on no longer works. No help from support.