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Versi 0.2.6 48.6 KiB Bekerja pada Firefox 17.0 - 56.*

[x] Fixed compatibility with Firefox 51+ (SyntaxError: non-generator method definitions may not contain yield).
[x] Fixed “Middle-click to remove downloads from panel” in Firefox 38+.
[x] Correctly update panel height in Firefox 50+ (extensions.downloadPanelTweaker.fixPanelHeight preference).
[+] Added trick to force suppress wrong download notifications on startup (extensions.downloadPanelTweaker.suppressDownloadsNotificationsAtStartup preference, delay from startup to turn on notifications, in ms).
[x] Compatibility fixes for multi-process mode (Electrolysis aka e10s) (#32, #33).
[x] Fixed “Don't remove finished downloads” option in Firefox 49+ (#47).
[x] Corrected “Compact” and “Very compact” styles in Firefox 52+ (also corrected appearance of download panel footer in Firefox 50+) (#48).
[+] Added “Clear Downloads” menu item to dropmarker of download panel footer (Firefox 51+) (#50).
[x] Fixed: hidden menu bar was shown when accessing options (#49).
[x] Correctly override action of “Show All Downloads” button in Firefox 50+.
[x] Correctly close panel after middle-click in Firefox 50+ (extensions.downloadPanelTweaker.middleClickToClosePanel preference).
[*] Disable “Clear Downloads” menu item in case of empty downloads history.
[*] Open download panel below location bar, if downloads buttons is hidden (#51).

Versi 0.2.5 46.5 KiB Bekerja pada Firefox 17.0 - 50.*

[x] Fixed unchecked “Also remove from history” in Firefox 38+ (#39).
[x] Correctly handle download items in Firefox 47+ (#41).
[+] Added French (fr) locale, thanks to Charles Milette (#40).
[+] Added `DownloadPanelTweaker:OpenDownloadTab` API event.

Versi 44.5 KiB Bekerja pada Firefox 17.0 - 47.*

[x] Fixed compatibility with Firefox 38+ (#34, #35, #36, #37).
[+] Added Chinese Simplified (zh-CN) locale, thanks to fang5566 (#38).
[*] Improved options page: “Also remove from history” will be disabled, if parent option not checked.
[+] Added tooltips for “Go To Download Page” and “Copy Download Link” context menu items.

Versi 42.1 KiB Bekerja pada Firefox 17.0 - 38.*

[+] Added ability to always leave last downloads in panel, even very old ones (extensions.downloadPanelTweaker.downloadsMinStoreThreshold preference) (#28).
[x] Fixed “Decolorize progress bar of paused downloads” option in Firefox 36+.
[*] Slightly improved shutdown performance around “Don't remove finished downloads” option (#29).
[+] Added experimental (and disabled by default) ability to reopen panel after open file or containing folder (extensions.downloadPanelTweaker.reopenPanel.* preferences) (#18).
[*] Improved startup performance: code around styles was moved into lazily loaded separate file (#31).
[x] Fixed handling of downloads inside panel in Firefox 38+.

Versi 40.1 KiB Bekerja pada Firefox 17.0 - 35.*

[+] Added ability to not highlight toolbar button with new finished downloads (disabled by default) (#23).
[+] Added ability to open panel right after mouse down on download button (just like regular menus) (#25).
[*] Improved startup performance: code for download panel modifications was moved into lazily loaded separate file (#26).

Versi 36.6 KiB Bekerja pada Firefox 17.0 - 32.*

[+] Added ability to remove downloads from panel using middle-click (disabled by default) (#9).
[+] Suppress notifications about adding of failed downloads (only if saved finished downloads, extensions.downloadPanelTweaker.suppressFailedDownloadsNotifications preference).
[+] Added “Copy Download Page Link” item to panel context menu (#14).
[+] Added “Remove File From Disk” item to panel context menu (hidden preferences: extensions.downloadPanelTweaker.removeFile.clearHistory to also remove from panel/history, extensions.downloadPanelTweaker.removeFile.removeFilesDirectoryForHTML to also remove *_files folders for *.html files and extensions.downloadPanelTweaker.removeFile.confirm to disable confirmation) (#15).
[x] Fixed: correctly close downloads sidebar from OmniSidebar extension (#21).
[+] Added ability to show full patch to file in tooltip for file name (#22).
[+] Added confirmation dialog to “Clear Downloads” command (extensions.downloadPanelTweaker.clearDownloads.confirm preference).
[*] Improved startup performance: code around various download actions was moved into lazily loaded separate file (#24).

Versi 30.5 KiB Bekerja pada Firefox 17.0 - 30.*

[+] Added ability to configure actions for downloads command, hotkey (Ctrl+J) and “Show All Downloads” button (#10).
[+] Added workaround for line between Navigation and Bookmarks toolbars (extensions.downloadPanelTweaker.fixWrongTabsOnTopAttribute preference) (#3).
[x] Fixed: download panel width option doesn't work with NASA Night Launch theme (#4).
[*] Improved startup performance.
[x] Correctly set small progress bar height.
[+] Added ability to not remove finished downloads from panel (extensions.downloadPanelTweaker.dontRemoveFinishedDownloads preference + see defaults/preferences/prefs.js for some hidden preferences) (#5).
[+] Added very compact style for downloads list (#7).
[*] Improved styles for downloads list.
[+] Added “Clear Downloads” menu item to panel context menu (#8).
[x] Correctly update download panel in Firefox 28+ (#13).
[+] Hide option for browser.download.useToolkitUI in Firefox 26+ (doesn't work anymore, see bug 845403).
[+] Added ability to limit download panel height (#20).
[+] Added Greek (el) locale, thanks to Grg68 (translation isn't complete, sorry).

Versi 16.3 KiB Bekerja pada Firefox 17.0 - 28.*

* First public release