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Back in 2005, I created this extension to solve the problem my wife and I were having with our web based e-mail accounts. My wife and I use the same computer in our kitchen and we both have web e-mail accounts (Yahoo!, Gmail, etc) and every time I sit down at the computer, my wife is logged-in to her account. I end up logging her out and then I login. She experiences the same thing when she then sits down. We tried a few solutions to allow us to both be logged in to our own web e-mail account at the same time on the same computer (like multiple OS logins, etc) but none proved to be ideal...enter CookieSwap.

By creating CookieSwap, I finally had a solution that enabled me to sit down at the computer, "swap" to my CookieSwap profile in the browser and ...BOOM, now I'm logged-in to my Gmail account. My wife sits down and swaps to her profile and BOOM, now she's logged-in.

Since 2005, my needs have changed a bit, but I still make use of CookieSwap. My wife and I actually usually run multiple Firefox profile instances at the same time, but I still use CookieSwap to change between my multiple Gmail and other web accounts. CookieSwap also enables me to see what sites would look like if they didn't know it was me (like Amazon's front page looks totally different if it knows it is you versus not knowing who is browsing).

Pengembangan CookieSwap selanjutnya

At some point I'd like to implement a feature where users can identify certain sites that are locked and not swapped (like Facebook). That way, when you switch your CookieSwap profile your Facebook login won't change but your Gmail profile will.

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