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Versi 7.3 50.4 KiB Bekerja pada Firefox 35.0 dan kemudian, SeaMonkey 2.1 dan kemudian, Thunderbird 35.0 dan kemudian

FEATURE: A contrast color is now used in the panel to distinguish all clickable elements.
FEATURE: The PaleMoon and SeaMonkey applications are now supported.
FEATURE: The toolbar button now also gets appended to the ThunderBird application.

Versi 7.2 49.9 KiB Bekerja pada Firefox 35.0 dan kemudian, Thunderbird 35.0 dan kemudian

FIX: The sliders now take the panel zoom scale into account.
FIX: The panel content scroll buttons are now always displayed when sizing down by making use of the resize event.

Versi 7.1 50.7 KiB Bekerja pada Firefox 35.0 dan kemudian, Thunderbird 35.0 dan kemudian

FEATURE: The panel is now resizable and the panel content accessibility was improved for touch screens.
FEATURE: The panel is now non-autohiding by default and is less opaque when the containing window is inactive.
FIX: The reload button now also works when the address contains a local reference.
FIX: The option for reduced opacity of images was replaced by one for darkening to prevent shine-through.
FIX: Transformation no longer stops in case 'canvas.getContext("2d")' is null.
FIX: The new color 'rebeccapurple' was added to the list of named colors.
FIX: Quickly opening many Firefox windows no more leads to initialization failure.
FIX: The extension links in the panel footer now also work in Thunderbird.

Versi 7.0 48.0 KiB Bekerja pada Firefox 35.0 dan kemudian, Thunderbird 35.0 dan kemudian

FEATURE: Compatibility up to the latest versions of multi-process Firefox and Thunderbird.
FEATURE: Black-listing may now be used to exclude domains from automatic transformation.
FEATURE: A few context menu items were added for showing the panel.
FEATURE: Background images are now hidden during transformation in all cases.
FEATURE: A faster transform is now used for transformation to constant hue.
FEATURE: A background-image in a style rule is now transformed only when its selector matches at least once on the page.
FEATURE: The contrast in most dark themes was improved, including the contrast between text and link colors.
FIX: On uninstall, extension preferences are correctly deleted again.
FIX: Start-up is now more reliable, for example when quickly opening multiple windows or when the toolbar button is hidden.
FIX: Initialization of the page background-color is now correct for all combinations of background-color/image on body/html.
FIX: The panel background was made transparent to prevent a paint bug with 100% CPU upon resize.
FIX: The panel content is now created only when the panel is actually shown.
FIX: Missing localized strings are now always replaced by English strings.
FIX: Some layout issues with the Walnut and Nautipolis themes were fixed.
FIX: The option to delay the first paint was removed as it did not seem to work anymore.
FIX: The default CSS variables which are used on about: pages are now replaced by hardcoded color values.
FIX: CSS color names in upper case are now also transformed.
FIX: The panel icon which indicates automatic transformation is now updated when the toolbar button is clicked.
FIX: Attributes background, bordercolor & color are now translated to CSS on td, table & hr, respectively.
FIX: The outdated extension preferences branch is now removed directly after upgrading.