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This theme looks so smooth, its stupid. I had Firefox 3.1b3, and uninstalled it (not sure why, guess i thought i would wait until it came out).

while looking for add-ons, i came across this. I have used chromifox (basic) before, in fact it was my default, because its very day to day and looks nice. I saw this theme and thought: "well, its the same but darker"

...well, i guess i could get b4pre...

I picked up, it does feel a bit smoother now and installed the theme... my god, what have you done. my only gripe is you should make the circles that spin on page loads quicker and a different color than blue (maybe black).

the options window is themed too, didn't know you could do that... its soo slick... I can't see someone making a theme much better than this.

Ulasan ini dibuat untuk versi pengaya (0.3.1) sebelumnya.