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Mengapa Browser Backgrounds dikembangkan?

The idea started in the end of 2007. I wanted to convert a rather useless blank area (about:blank which is displayed when a new tab is opened) into a more usable wallpaper viewing panel. Simply it is a new way of customizing Firefox and Flock.

The first prototype was using the StyleSheetService that let users assign wallpapers on about:blank. But because later Firefox prevented assigning file:URI based images on chrome pages and about:blank for security reasons and about:blank is used by many applications (like Gmail) I had to re-code the extension. Then improved the add-on with a Browser Backgrounds Main Window that let users manage installed wallpapers. After testing the add-on almost one year period and fixing the minor and major bugs I released the add-on in the end of 2008.

Pengembangan Browser Backgrounds selanjutnya

If the project can gather enough donations I want to switch to better the wallpaper servers. Also the add-on will support wallpaper packs, tab backgrounds, changing tab color in the future.

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Nama Baris Derin
Situs Web
Pengguna sejak January 30, 2009
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