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  • What a great theme if you love this holiday as much as I do! Makes a great theme to add to the just black theme!

  • Looks great but not animated

  • Very en lighting....<3

  • This climate is incredible

  • My Favorite!!

  • this is one of my boyfriends favorites.

  • great autum picture

  • One of my favorites! I love the haunted house and all the detail.

  • Love this one - excellent graphics!

  • one of the best looking animated Personas out there, and i've seen plenty

  • Really really nice, the idea of ​​creating an animated theme was really brilliant!

    If you can, to make more animated, perhaps choosing as the next theme of the Christmas spirit ;-)

  • Just Do It!!!

  • Downloaded and enabled, but doesn't seem to be working. All I get is a black background up top. Don't even see any of the static artwork. [Firefox 8.0 - version]

  • I Love it