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  • Useful add-on, keep updated, highly customizable. Superb work!

  • Tiny, efficient, simple and even and a 57 year old handicapped woan can modify the code for changes.... I'm using it on 41.0 just by "bumping" it

  • If it had more option it would be better but overall it worth to download and try

  • I want to use FF 4.0 but I also want to use Advanced Dork, and it's impossible, I have to choose between these two... :(:(:(:(:(

  • Will this version work in ff 3.6.x if I override version checking to install it?

  • Please update

  • Please Update

  • Yup! me too. But please update soon. Don't wanna lose this one.

  • I am using 3.6.6 and it is working perfectly.

  • I've been using this tool for a good long time. Sadly now that I've had to upgrade firefox to 3.6.3, I can no longer use it.

    Anxiously awaiting an updated version!

  • Great add-on!

    It helps us library geeks loads. So please, PLEASE, release a 3.6 version as soon as is practicable. :)

  • Needs update to support 3.6. Thanks.

  • I can see why this add-on is so addictive.
    Easy to use, way less typing, copy paste reduced.
    Very good add-on.

  • Would it be possible to add google translate to the list?

  • I have used this extension for about a year now. I probably use it every 5-10 min of time spent surfing. It's not working right now in FF 3.5b4, but I hope it will continue to be supported. Otherwise I may have to stick to FF 3.1. Yes, I love this extension THAT much!

  • It didn't seem like much of an extension when I installed it, but I am surprised by how much I use it.

  • It didn't seem like much of an extension when I installed it, but I am surprised by how much I use it to search google because the results are so much more accurate than a plain text query. I would like to see more options to search for different types of files that google has indexed. Thanks for the nice extension.

  • Super cool and easy advanced search!
    I suggest giving names to those Operators so that users can learn quicker and select the right command easier, or at least giving a chance for customization on this.

  • Даже и не знаю как сказать, наверное просто спасибо что сделали столь удобную штуку. Я много работаю с Гуглом и ваш плагин действительно облегчил мне жизнь.

  • What more can you ask for when you are researching on the web?! Great add-on

  • Just highlight the text you want to search, then right click on it and select how you want to search from the menu. Search results open in a new tab.