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  • Works as advertised! Great!

  • Kudos to developer.. nice addon

  • saves money. simple as that.

  • Shockingly easy to use to save money. The installation is a snap and the plugin is completely unobtrusive until you it has a lower price to show you.

  • I love how easy it is to comparison shop! Great add on!

  • Free price alerts has helped me save so much money and find the best deals with my xbox games. I love free price alert!

  • Great product - sits silently and then when you least suspect it, pow you get cheaper pricing on all kind of things. Thought it would be mostly electronics, but I have seen deals ranging from perforated metal to video games.

  • This could potentially save me a shed load of money, but I will have to monitor this carefully.

  • FPA is not scam 100% free and best ever!

  • I Love to save money and this Add on saves me a lot of time and money. No more running around or spending hours surfing the internet. Love it......

  • Nice add- really good prices.
    I like the way this only shows up when it's finds a good product match. Setting a price alert for price drops works very well.

  • fine addon but for me..it could be more clearlier laid out….

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    Thanks for the feedback. Version 2.2 now has a brand new interface, faster load times and includes reseller logos.

  • I love this tool. I have bought several products online and Freeprice Alerts helped save me money every time I bought. It gives you peace of mind knowing that you are getting the lowest possible price.

  • Nice add-on. Usually finds lower prices than Invisiblehand and includes price alerts and price history for when you are not in a rush to buy something. Very satisfied.

  • A simple to use add-on which saves you money! What can be better? I have used this for a number of searches and am amazed on how thorough the results and the savings as well...easy and worth a try.

  • This application finds me a better price for everything, no matter where I am on the net, and I don't have to do a thing to make that happen, just browse. Crazy! If I'm already looking at the lowest available price, FPA tells me. Now that is peace of mind shopping. And it costs me... nothing? Now that is a five-star deal!

  • This is a TRUE, REAL, money saver. Once installed, your shopping experience becomes so worry free because you soon know whether the price you see on the screen is the best you can get, is close, or needs more investigation. No it does not address the problem of shipping charges and sales tax, but that is a small issue vis a vie finding the best prices on the web, in a heartbeat. Because items always have a life cycle, ask FPA to look for falling prices and be rewarded with super discounts as merchants clear their shelf.

  • I have been using this since the first version, and I have saved on each purchase. Recently I purchased a Samsung 46" LED TV and I saved over $400 dollars. I have purchased inexpensive items as well and this add-on finds the lowest price. iphone app works well when I am in the store as the bar code scanner is included.

  • I downloaded both the Firefox and Chrome version since I use both browsers. I have had great success with the add-on in both. This past weekend I was on Amazon to buy a Roomba and FPA alerted me there was a much better deal over on Ebay (which I never visit). I bought it at Ebay (brand new) and saved just over $55.

    Since I do a lot of online shopping I look forward to continuing to save money with the add-on.

  • I noticed my original review was deleted for some reason (no, this is not spam!) so here I go again. I have been using Free Price Alerts for awhile now and have saved a good amount of money on some of the various purchases I've made online since then. As I stated in my original review, we are a family on a budget so when we make purchases we want to know we are getting the best price possible. Free Price Alerts helps us do that!

  • I am in the market for a new laptop and was told by a friend to check out this extension. I am so happy I did. I get price alerts sent to me so I don't have to keep checking for best deals. I will pass this along to all my friends.

  • I found this in extension Google Chrome first. I liked it so much I added it to my Firefox. Has saved me quite a bit of money so far, without me needing to think about it. @river_dacota I prefer the alert style easier to notice (for me).