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Nama Mozilla Labs
Situs Web
Pengguna sejak January 20, 2010
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Laboratories are where science and creativity meet to develop, research, and explore new ideas. Mozilla Labs embraces this great tradition — a virtual lab where people come together to create, experiment, and play with new Web innovations and technologies.

Mozilla Labs is about inspiring and harnessing the intelligence, wisdom, and energy of the Mozilla community; let’s imagine the future of the Web, and then let’s build it together.

All are welcome. Come play.

Pengaya buatan saya

Mozilla Labs: Prospector - OneLiner

Combine the navigation bar and tab bar into one line with a button for search.

Peringkat 4 dari 5 bintang (71)
947 pengguna

Mozilla Labs - Prism Perlu Mulai Ulang

Create Prism applications directly from Firefox

Peringkat 4 dari 5 bintang (159)
1.044 pengguna

Mozilla Labs: Prospector - Speak Words

Fill in the rest of words as you type them into the location bar

Peringkat 4 dari 5 bintang (35)
301 pengguna

Mozilla Labs: Prospector - Home Dash Perlu Mulai Ulang

Find stuff instantly from a dashboard that appears over a full-window browsing experience.

Peringkat 4 dari 5 bintang (51)
170 pengguna

Mozilla Labs - Jetpack Prototype Perlu Mulai Ulang

Jetpack Prototype is an experiment in making it easy to build Firefox add-ons using common web technologies.

Peringkat 4 dari 5 bintang (27)
82 pengguna

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