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  • Don't know if anyone has mentioned this before, but this extension seems to mess up Google reCaptcha.

    I always get Google's most "skeptical" tests (for lack of a better term) such as the ones that use super low res images and that slowly fade out when you tap on them only to be replaced with new ones. Always have to do multiple test, almost always end up failing (maybe one in 10 times I manage to pass it).
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  • Ga,d a learning experience.
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  • Woohoo! You need to call this 'Google Image Fixer for Firefox Android' because it does exactly that. Before this add-on, google images was soooo annoying. I had to click 'show desktop mode' every time (because all images were tiny and the page was unusable) and even then it was only slightly better -with bigger images but non-working clicks and it was very hard to actually get to the images i could see! Very irritating! Since installing this, I went to google, clicked on Images and lo and behold, I see the proper, usual(for desktop users) images page with full clear larger sized images and when I click them the expected things happen. I can choose images and I can visit the website they originate from
    Thank You!
    Oh and I also LOVE having the proper good google search page back also so I like the add-on for the reason you made it.
    Well done on all fronts.