Address book synchronizer between Memotoo.com and Thunderbird Újraindítást igényel

Synchronize your address book between Mozilla Thunderbird and Memotoo.com !...

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Crmthdb Lite ZohoCRM Thunderbird Extension Újraindítást igényel

Connect Thunderbird and share mails with ZohoCRM. The Lite version lets you display contacts of Zoho CRM inside Thunderbird. The full version on http://sites.google.com/site/crmthdb lets you archive your mails and add contacts into Zoho CRM.

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DM Sync Újraindítást igényel

This plugin allows you to synchronize addressbooks and contacts stored on the DM mail server

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Great DANE Újraindítást igényel

Retrieve DANE S/MIME Certificates for Encryption/Signing.

This extension enables users to automatically retrieve S/MIME certificates using the Great DANE Engine (https://github.com/grierforensics/Great-DANE-Engine).

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mozPod Újraindítást igényel

Sync your address book with an iPod

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Multi-LDAP Újraindítást igényel

Permits to use several LDAP directories simultaneously for address autocompletion.

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LDAP - View Groups Members Újraindítást igényel

Allow the user to view the members of the LDAP directories in the addressbook

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AddressBook in Tab Újraindítást igényel

Adds a button that can be put in toolbars which opens the addressbook in a new tab like pastismans AddressBookTab

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SyncMab Újraindítást igényel

This extensions can import and export mozilla address books at startup and exit of Thunderbird. You can first save a mab at a specific location e.g. on a network or the internet (Version 2.0) and then let it be updated every time TB starts up or...

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Eortologio - Greek Namedays Calendar (Thunderbird) Újraindítást igényel

This extension consists of a Greek Orthodox Namedays reminder. It displays in Thunderbird status bar current day's celebrated names.

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Viadeo Tab Újraindítást igényel

Cette extension ajoute le réseau social français, Viadeo, un bouton d'accès à ouverture simple et rapide dans Thunderbird.
D'autres médias sociaux sont disponibles également.

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AddressLabel Újraindítást igényel

Create address labels from selected contacts in pdf, odt, ps or html.

1) Chose settings.
2) In the Address Book, select contacts and right click.
3) Print with "Actual Size" (not "Fit to Page").

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my site 1.0

it allow to browse facebook - youtube and gmail in secured way...

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printplus Újraindítást igényel

PDF export support by Gecko.

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Scan'Mail Újraindítást igényel

Scan'Mail is a QR Code generator that allows you to transfer easily information from your mail client to your mobile phone.

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Addressbooks Default Search

Provides ability to set default search query for address books.

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SJCall Újraindítást igényel

SJCall is a beta version of a VoIP extension enabling you to place telephone calls directly from the Mozilla applications using SJphone, the world-leading Internet softphone...

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MultiBirthdaysReminder Újraindítást igényel

This addon is now integrated into the new address book CardBook and thus it is no longer maintained

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AddTo Miru Directory Server Újraindítást igényel

The AddTo extension allows Thunderbird users to add contact cards direct to a shared miru directory server. Once added contact details are available via LDAP for auto-complete and address book search...

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Report Újraindítást igényel

Печать реестра входящих и исходящих сообщений, полученных/переданных по электронной почте.

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