Save your email into Evernote by forwarding it to Evernote email address.
Before you use it, you need to specify your Evernote email address (see the screenshot).

This function can be invoked by "Forward to Evernote" in the context menu.

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Hozzáadva: May 29, 2013

mms Auto Correct

AutoCorrect for the Compose window.

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Hozzáadva: April 12, 2013

hubiC pour Filelink

Ajoute le support d'hubiC comme service de stockage dans la fonctionnalité Filelink.

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Hozzáadva: March 30, 2013


Email organized around the people you care about.

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Hozzáadva: February 23, 2013

~okeanos for Filelink

Add ~okeanos support to Thunderbird's Filelink feature.

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Hozzáadva: February 14, 2013

Send and Archive

Adds a button to send an email and archive the original message.

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Hozzáadva: December 6, 2012

Patch to Alert Invalid Addresses

Shows alert if there is any invalid address in sending message.

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Hozzáadva: September 11, 2012

Don't Send Linked Files

Prevents sending of linked files if they are file: URLs.

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Hozzáadva: September 11, 2012

BorderColors GT

How many time you sent an email from your wrong email address?
This add-ons allows you assign a different color to the compose window border for each of your email addresses. So you can immediately view from what account are you writing.

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Hozzáadva: July 2, 2012

Markdown Here

Write your email in Markdown, then make it pretty.

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Hozzáadva: May 20, 2012


This add-on can resend mails, so you "force" the other side to answer. It could be useful at corporate environment.

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Hozzáadva: September 26, 2011

SmilieInserter Plus

Insert smilies in messages.

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Hozzáadva: August 24, 2011

Address Widget Lines

Address Widget Lines provides the ability to select the number of address lines to display in the message compose window.

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Hozzáadva: August 17, 2011


A Thunderbird extension that let you switch to cc: with the ALT+CTRL+C keyboard shortcut!

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Hozzáadva: July 5, 2011


SmartTemplate4 offers an easy way to automatically create customized replies by auto-inserting various mail headers. Templates can be created for every account as well as for the default (all email accounts). Also supports the Stationery Add-on.

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Hozzáadva: June 23, 2011

RemindIt Nincs újraindítás

Help in reminding mails to be answer or sent again. Choose a reminder date for each received or send message that are highlighted in the message list, depending on their status (expired, soon to exprire, to be reminded). Sending a reminder is eased.

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Hozzáadva: June 5, 2011

Flexible Identity

Selects an identity based on the recipients list when sending an email

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Hozzáadva: March 19, 2011


ThunderPEC semplifica la gestione della Posta Elettronica Certificata (PEC) in Thunderbird.

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Hozzáadva: January 26, 2011

Send Later

True "Send Later" functionality to schedule the time for sending an email.

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Hozzáadva: July 9, 2010

Automatic Dictionary Nincs újraindítás

Extension that remembers the language of the spellchecker used when composing and switches to it every time you write to that person.

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Hozzáadva: March 27, 2010