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Perapera Japanese-German Dictionary File

This is additional dictionary file for use with the Perapera Japanese Pop-up Dictionary add-on.

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Mail Miner

Automatically adds incoming e-mail addresses to a chosen address book, while fetching data via web services like Rapleaf and Qwerly.

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Becky! Import


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Send SMS text messages directly from Thunderbird, without using a tethered phone! Integrates with Thunderbird's Address Book and allows SMS mailing lists for quick and easy bulk or individual messaging. Uses Flash Media Group's SMS service.

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setenv Nincs újraindítás

Automatically set environment variables based on preferences.

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Mail Sent Notifier

Allows to notify a HTTP-GET based webservice after successfully sent an email, e.g. for time registration systems.

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Follow Broken Lotus Notes Links

Fixes the HREF on MASFLOW links in emails from Lotus Notes.
If you dont know what that is you do not need this.

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Edit Custom Size Image

Fixes a bug in SeaMonkey Composer and Thunderbird Message Compose whereby the Image Properties dialog would always reset the image to actual size.

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conceptERP eMailexport

Exportiert eMails in das Contentmodul von conceptERP.

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conceptERP Kontaktimport

Importiert Kontakte aus conceptERP in das Adressbuch.

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NuevaSync Push Email Synchronization

NuevaSync provides push sync services for email and more for iPhone, Android, and other smartphones. This add-on displays real-time sync status in the Thunderbird status bar, and offers easy NuevaSync account setup using your Thunderbird settings.

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AlexPro for Thunderbird

AlexPro add-on per ThunderBird è un componente per l'archiviazione dei messaggi ricevuto o inviati nelle Pratiche AlexPro.

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Печать реестра входящих и исходящих сообщений, полученных/переданных по электронной почте.

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Filing with postfix so there is another File needed for Postfix, so that Postfix know where to FIle the Email

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Address Move Button

Allow you to add a Address Move Button to mail compose window.

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Close Window on IMAP deletion

Closes the mail window on delete, although 'mark as deleted' is activated for IMAP

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Ce module permet de passer des appels téléphoniques en cliquant sur les numéros de n'importe quelle page web, via les serveurs voip TeamBox et Asterisk

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GuifiProxy Infocentre Santa Bàrbara

Facilitates the use of proxies allows switching between them with two clicks, import i export lists, edit, add and delete manually, automatic authentication and exception address

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language converter

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This add-on is help for create the mail division. This add-on is converting to "(2/5)" from the string "(1/5)" in E-mail subject, after copy the mail. After now, Will be freed from onerous copy-paste work.

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