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Classic Pop-up Alerts Nincs újraindítás

This addon returns the old view of the pop-up notifications, as in Firefox 4.0 - 43.0

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Zonio Freebusy for Lightning

Finds when are people available for a meeting or event via Zonio Freebusy service. Displays freebusy blocks instantly in Invite Attendees window while attendees are being added. Works with both local calendar storage or any calendar provider.

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Email Addresses in Message Headers

Shows email addresses in message headers, including those of contacts, and provides control over message header presentation.

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Delete Only Empty Folder

Disallows to delete not-empty mail folders.

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Sensitivity Header + SPX

Implement the "Sensitivity" header for outgoing messages (described in RFC 4021 section 2.1.55).
Forked from another add-on developed by ff_bob, added SPX header for Sophos security appliances

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Removes 'EXTERNAL: ' from the start of an email subject if it is preceded by 'RE:' or 'FWD:' (case insensitive). The removal is done after the 'Send' button is pressed.

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Rikaichan Japanese-Hungarian Dictionary File

This is a dictionary file add-on for the Rikaichan extension.

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InfoQube Firefox extension

Extension to import html into InfoQube

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Rspamd spam filtering system score visualization.

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Complete master password

The goal is to avoid to have to enter the master password on application startUp.
The extension is not self-sufficient, a script has to extract the master for a secure storage like gnome-keyring, then to transfer it through an environment variable.

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Check Attachment before Send

Confirms to send a mail with any attachment.

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Dialectic Dialer

Dial phone numbers with Dialectic (Dialectic is for OS X only). In addition, when a page loads, phone numbers can optionally be highlighted and hyperlinked to dial Dialectic.

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Diagnostics for Adblock Plus Nincs újraindítás

Diagnostics tool for Adblock Plus, provides some insight into internal processes of Adblock Plus.

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DownloadStudio Firefox Integration

Firefox Integration for DownloadStudio

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L'estensione agisce sulla preferenza mail.imap.min_chunk_size_threshold, settando il suo valore a 100000000, e fornendo una soluzione al bug 1216951

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A ThunderBird extension to prevent the use of the Bcc field.

Bcc is the worst thing ever.
It kills transparency inside an organization.
If you use the Bcc feature, you should ask yourself why..

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Hide Badge Icon

Hides the badge for new messages of the Thunderbird app icon on Mac OSX.

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Count Filters

This add-on provides various search filters couting values, such as total number of recipients, or number of lines, words,links in body message.

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Last Dictionary for Mail Nincs újraindítás

This extension will remember the last dictionary used in the Mail Compose window and use it when composing new messages.

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Allows the user not to restore tabs at startup in Thundertbird

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