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Show SMTP Username

Displays username (if available) next to SMTP...

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Flex Confirm Mail

Confirm mail address and attachments based on flexible rules.

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Website to PDF

Convert the current webpage into a PDF file!

Just for now - get also a PRO version for FREE!

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Sets Firefox/Thunderbird Locale to Windows (MUI) Language on startup

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Open an email file from the commandline

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Allows you to customise the message panel buttons to add a "Toggle Headers" button that will switch between showing and hiding the full headers.

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A Korean popup dictionary based on Rikaichan
Requires the additional dictionary addon.

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Disable about:config

Disable about:config feature of Firefox and Thunderbird.

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Manages & applies multiple HTML templates when creating/replying messages.

Templates may be either local files or online links (http:// or ftp://). Up to 9 templates can be defined and easily switched, also using shortcut keys.

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Identity Checker

This add-on checks to sender identity when send a message.

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Layout Button

A toolbar button to switch between layouts.

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Large Fonts

This add-on enables you to change the font size of the plain text editor of Thunderbird.

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TexTra Thunderbird


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ConferenceCall.co.uk templates Nincs újraindítás

This plugin adds our savvy email templates to your Thunderbird toolbar.

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Telefonkonferenz.de-Vorlagen Nincs újraindítás

Durch das Plug-in werden unsere praktischen E-Mail-Vorlagen Ihrer Thunderbird-Symbolleiste hinzugefügt

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AdSidebar Nincs újraindítás

Live in harmony with ads.

AdSidebar is an alternative to traditional ad blocker extensions that benefits both the user and content creators. Ads are displayed in a sidebar on the right side of the screen.

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ConferenceCall.nl templates Nincs újraindítás

Voegt de handige e-mail templates toe aan de knoppenbalk van Thunderbird om deelnemers aan uw conference call uit te nodigen.

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B-Trust Tool NEW Nincs újraindítás

Configures B-Trust security devices, imports B-Trust certification chain.

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Add emojis to your e-mails.

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EuropeanMX Spam Reporter

Train your EuropeanMX filter by reporting unrecognized spam or false-positives back to us.

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