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Smart Quotes

Enables “Smart” Quotes for Thunderbird Email

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Menu On Top Nincs újraindítás

Moves the Thunderbird menu bar to the top. Choose from a selection of visual styles.

It is convenient to have the menu on top of the tabs like Firefox; this is also a good area for placing "global" toolbar buttons like Navigation or get mail.

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gTimer предназначен для подсчёта времени, проводимого за работой в Firefox.

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Check if your emails arrived TLS-encrypted (and which corporations were able to read it nevertheless)

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Posting Style Enforcer

Automatically converts top-posted messages to use bottom-positng or vice versa. Interleaved posts are left alone. Detects automatically added text and supports a per-contact list of exceptions.

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Portuguese Dictionary for Spelling

Select a text in Portuguese on any web page and get a spell check for it immediately!

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Wunderlist Task Button

Non-official addon for Wunderlist. Easily transform a mail into a task for Wunderlist with a single click.

Rated 2 out of 5 stars (7)
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Rikaichan Japanese-Dutch Dictionary File

This is a dictionary file add-on for the Rikaichan extension.

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Big Navigation Nincs újraindítás

Increases the navigation links on the pages

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Planteen Host Email

This is the official quick access link for Planteen Host Email. Plenty of FREE extras! Business and Corporate class email. Use your own domain, reliable, secure and access from any device.

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DivFind Nincs újraindítás

Search in all your search engines at the same time

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CIX Forums

Open CIX Forums in Thunderbird. You need a CIX account to use this. See http://cix.co.uk for more information.

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Reboot the QuickFilter bar.

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not a mapi plugin

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Simple Steganography

Hide messages in PNG-32 images, extract them via context menu. The text is embedded invisibly by a "Least Significant Bit" algorithm.

You can also encode very short messages by re-sorting text lists and extract them via context menu.

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Ethical signature

Add a button to the email composition toolbar, which lets you insert an ethical signature.

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Channel Guard

Channelguard disables plugins and protocol handlers to ensure maximum security against side-channel attack.

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Massey Omura Cryptosystem

Add On Keamanan EMail dengan Massey Omura Cryptosystem

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OBM Connector

OBM Lightning Calendar and addressbooks connector

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DM Sync

This plugin allows you to synchronize addressbooks and contacts stored on the DM mail server

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