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[Note that the reviews following mine complain of the same problem and they're from 2010]

When activated, a huge window fills most of the screen. The "chart" tab is active. Apparently you're supposed to use the left pane to enter information, but it is squeezed horizontally by the right pane which is at maximum width. Moving the cursor over the vertical line separating the pane changes the cursor to the "horizontal resisde" double arrow, but the pane will not resize.

In the upper left, you can see just barely see the left side of three text entry boxes. Typing anything into them causes a javascript error.

Here, see for yourself:

Note also that the window that pops up is taller than the firefox window. The vertical resize adjust of the top window border does nothing and you can't get to the bottom of the window to use the resize "grabber" in the lower-right corner.

The reason they complain of the same problem is that Firefox changed its behavior back then, and after all the work I put into it, I did not have time to keep this add-on (done in my free time) continually up to date to keep all of the features working with every breaking change made by Firefox. Nowadays, we thankfully have the mostly stable and universal layout language of HTML/CSS to avoid such breakages, though I've become disenchanted with Firefox add-ons as they keep leaving developers in the lurch after abandoning feature after feature and neutering their unique original unique capacity for powerful add-ons. I'm not alone in this feeling. But go ahead and insult the developer who did the work for free. That'll help.

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---A problem I encountered.
My screen resolution is 1920x1080 and that might explain the problem I have.
In the tab Charts, there are two drop-down menus that are nearly impossible to see on my screen and that I found by pure experimentation. The first one is with European scripts, etc. and the second one is with punctuation, etc. . It maybe due because the border at the left that contains them cannot be widen when I move the cursor around this border even though, in such a case, the cursor does change shape to but this new shape of the cursor does not work to widen the border at the left.
So, it is not possible in the tab Charts to widen the left part containing these two drop-down menus and whose border is the border for the table called "Unicode, hexadecimal and entities".
In the part "basic view and output" in the tab Charts, the part with Multiline, etc. appears only to the right after a long scroll horizontally.

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Your tool is interesting but it must be made more user-friendly for those who are not technically-focused on this particular (interesting) computing area.

My goal is to find a tool that convert characters wrongly encoded in one character set instead of another one.
In my case, it is related to Hebrew words where I got wrong characters instead of Hebrew characters.
I suggest that you create a window using your tool so that I could enter my wrongly encoded characters and have them encoded properly into Hebrew characters.
I give you an example of the wrong characters that I got recently for the songs of a Hebrew album (More of Israel Greatest Hits (1981) - VA (from vinyl disc) ) along with the transliteration so that it might be of help if you happen to know Hebrew:
01-éäåøí âàåï - àøõ àøõ
02-ìä÷ú çîñä - ðåìãúé ìùìåí
03-ðçîä äðãì - äåé àøöé îåìãúé
04-àøé÷ ñéðé - âï äùé÷îéí
05-éäåãéú øáéõ - òéï âãé
06-äòîøîéí - ãøåø é÷øà
07-éäåøí âàåï - éãéã ðôù
08-äôøáøéí - îçøåæøú ùéøéí éùøàìééí
09-öáé÷ä ôé÷ - àéï ìé àéù îéìáãé
10-çåä àìáøùèééï - ëîå öîç áø
11-ááåøú ÷åõ áìá - øåúé
12-ùåùðä ãàîøé - àéï àôùø
13-çåä àìáøùèééï - ìå éäé
14-éäåøí âàåï - äçâéâä ðéâîøú
15-î÷äìä åúéæîåøú äñéîôåðéú ùì ñé áé àñ éùøàì - äúé÷åä

01-yehoram gaon-eretz eretz
02-hamsa-noladeti lashalom
03-nehama hendel-hoy artzi moladeti
04-aric sinai-gan hashikmim
05-yehudit ravitz-ein gedi
06-the amranim-dror yikra
07-yehoram gaon-yedid nefesh
08-the parvarim-israeli medley
09-svika pick-ein li ish milvadi
10-chva alberstein-kmo tsemach bar
11-group wildflower-ruthi
12-shoshana damari-hen efshar
13-chava alberstein-lu yehi
14-yehoram gaon-hachagiga nigmeret
15-orchestra and choir-hatikva

Thanks for sharing this addon. I am sure it should help others for other purposes than mine.

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This is a great tool that helped
me to develop an Arabic to Hebrew
transliteration add-on.

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The addon itself has helped me several times and it's an invaluable resources for me.

However, this new "flexible" layout is HORRIBLE. There is no other word for it.

Every time I start the tool, it's not wide enough, only half of the table on the right is visible. It's also not high enough and the resizing is very odd. The size of the objects never changes and you have to be carefull when resizing it since the elements are suddenly displayed standing on top of eachother.

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Looks great. Not fully tester but very handy. :)
other input formats would be great. For instance MySQL streams (InnoDB and so on...) To register kanji in some game sites. :)

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very good! fits my needs!

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At first, I had no idea why the heck I would ever need to use this. But after trying it out I love it's features. The ENTITY generator for translating extensions is very nice, and I love the fact that I can easily figure out what %38 or & is.

Overall it's a great extension for developers, good job!

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Tested on Mac OSX 10.4, Firefox

No errors found in chrome using Console2. No apparent security or privacy issues detected.

Works as advertised on characters I tried, although could not get the extension to encode html strings eg change & to amp (maybe not supposed to do that per se??). Would second other reviews about a slightly unusual UI. Would recommend developer passes the 'centerscreen' flag in the open dialog function.

Would be happy to see this released as is, but would benefit from SLIGHT tweaking as described above.

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This is a very useful extension if you use languages other than English. I'm icelandic myself and it worked flawlessly on all icelandic characters I tried, both with character references and html entities.

* Works as advertised, found no obvious bugs
* Intuitive and easy to use for the most part
* The 'Notes' section on unicode is great, documentation is often lacking in these addons.

* Unbelievably terrible background color for headings. The author may or may not be completely colorblind.
* Some UI elements are kind of non-standard, e.g. using + and - buttons for increasing columns in a textbox which also increases the window size. Not really a con, but kinda strange.

All in all I would definitely recommend this extension.

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A Useful Tool for non-English websites 4 csillagra értékelve az 5-ből

This is a useful add-on to convert among different forms of representing non-ASCII characters. Often I need to look at the source of a web page that is not encoded in UTF-8 and try to find the code around a certain string. Having this tool readily available is very handy. Conversely, I occasionally have a need to add a few Asian characters to a site already encoded as ISO-8859-1, or to add a word like façade to a page encoded in Big-5, GB, or Cyrilic. Rather than changing everything to UTF-8, this tool allow me to quickly figure out the hex character references to use and just put them in.

There are pages on the web that provide similar function, but it is so much handier to have it as an add-on.

Highly recommended to anyone dealing with multi-lingual websites.

Charles Pau
Globalization Architecture and Technology

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