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Niko Berger

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Miért jött létre a(z) SyncKolab?

This addon allows you to sync your data between multiple machines (work/home/laptop) by using a common datasource (your imap-email). Additionally its also compatible with Kontact and even outlook (with a plugin) - and the Kolab groupware server.

You can also use it to sync with your phone - by using horde ( and its syncml provider.

It can also be used as a poor-man's groupware, where all you need on the server side are a few shared imap-email accounts.

Mi a következő lépés a(z) SyncKolab fejlesztésében?

Complete mailing list support.
Sync with different providers (ie. file system).
New Kolab XML format Support

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Név Niko Berger
Ezóta tag March 5, 2007
Létrehozott kiegészítők száma 1 kiegészítő
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