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1.4 verzió 389.9 KiB Működik Firefox 24.0 - 56.*, Thunderbird 24.0 - 52.*

  • Added spacing to caption bar when in maximized mode
  • Added Pale Moon support
  • Added setting for decreasing top space above tab bar in Thunderbird
  • Added localisation and German locale - please contact me below if you want to add your own language
  • Make sure that icon height overrides max menu height
  • Moved support pages to
  • Added two Pepe Icons

1.3 verzió 372.3 KiB Működik Firefox 24.0 - 52.*, Thunderbird 24.0 - 48.*

  • Removed caption buttons space (right of calendar buttons) in Thunderbird under Windows
  • Added remote port label option for developers
  • Tb 48.0 Support for adding the new Thunderbird preferences tab to bookmark menu. You can also add it manually in older versions
  • Fixed "about" tabs to open in content tabs from Firefox 43.0
  • Known issue: avatar icon not working if profile name contains special characters (space?)

1.2 verzió 356.1 KiB Működik Firefox 24.0 - 46.*, Thunderbird 11.0 - 44.*

Fixed global let which broke MenuOnTop in Firefox 44

1.1.1-let-fixed verzió 356.0 KiB Működik Firefox 24.0 - 43.*, Thunderbird 11.0 - 41.*

  • Added Firefox and Thunderbird icons and also Halloween ones. Of course you can still use the League of Legends avatars which were distributed with the previous version.
  • Font size and bold attribute for custom menuitem.
  • Improved instant loading of settings on update.
  • Enabling Custom Menu will show avatar icon instantly

1.0 verzió 321.0 KiB Működik Firefox 24.0 - 41.*, Thunderbird 11.0 - 41.*

  • Especially for Thunderbird, you can now specify a space for dragging the window if you are using the option "show menu in titlebar"
  • Added lop-left bookmark feature, use it to store your most important web pages, single messages (Tb) and mail folders (Tb). This is a handy and quick way of keeping only the most important bookmarks within easy reach without wasting screen space.

    Just activate the option in advanced, and enter a label of your choice. The new menu will show up beside the "File" menu. Navigate to any web-page or open an email, open a single message tab or click on a Folder, and then choose "Add current Item" Thunderbird) or "Add current Webpage" (Firefox).

    This is a space-saver for when you do not want to permanently show your Personal Bookmark Toolbar. Ultimately this will unclutter your Mozilla experience!
  • Added Avatar Icon - choose an image to represent your profile. I have added some icons of League of Legends and Borderlands characters, created from images I found -these are under fair use and I have added license information and links in the "avatars" subfolders where they are stored.
  • Added separate color choices for hover / active menu items and ability to only change colors without affecting spacings
  • New theme "Australis Redesigned"

  • Improved layout of settings dialog - thanks to Leszek Życzkowski for helping me with this.

0.9.6 verzió 19.9 KiB Működik Thunderbird 11.0 - 33.0

Added a "force small icons" option to make sure buttons in menu toolbar stay small in the latest Thunderbird versions

0.9.5 verzió 19.6 KiB Működik Thunderbird 11.0 - 32.*

  • Preferences dialog stays on top of Thunderbird now
  • Added new "Tangerine" flavor.
  • Border color and width.
  • Better handling of defaults.
  • Increases search box height when displaying in menu by cutting down margin: .chromeclass-menubar .remote-gloda-search{margin:1px 2px; }

0.9.4 verzió 18.6 KiB Működik Thunderbird 11.0 - 25.*

Choices for corner radius rules (left, right)
Added icon size setting
Added transparency switch for menu background (for light themes)
Removed ROTT specific code to eliminate mail-toolbar3 dependencies
Added green color choice

0.9.3 verzió 16.3 KiB Működik Thunderbird 11.0 - 23.*

  • Persisted Statusbar icon across sessions.
  • Added version history button.
  • Reuse preferences window if it is already open.
  • Improved debug log feature.

0.9.2 verzió 16.1 KiB Működik Thunderbird 11.0 - 22.*

Instant Apply from Options screen
Added options for border radius (value in em and left, right switches)
Added Statusbar Icon
Menu will now be made visible automatically when Addon is installed or updated.
Add Phoenity style

0.9.1 verzió 13.2 KiB Működik Thunderbird 11.0 - 22.*

Added options window, with settings for margins and color
Added style chooser, supporting major themes
Added Linux / Mac support
Bumped up max version to 22 for current beta users

0.9 verzió 6.5 KiB Működik Thunderbird 11.0 - 17.*