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2.6.2 verzió 152.9 KiB Működik Thunderbird 52.0 - 59.*

2.6 verzió 152.5 KiB Működik Thunderbird 52.0 - 52.*

2.5 verzió 152.5 KiB Működik Thunderbird 45.0 - 45.*

NEW: Made Contact Tabs compatible with gContactSync. Updated locales.

2.0.13 verzió 134.7 KiB Működik Thunderbird 45.0 - 45.*

MOD: Now works with Thunderbird 45.

2.0.12 verzió 134.7 KiB Működik Thunderbird 31.0 - 39.*

Removed code that handles allowRemoteContent.

2.0.11 verzió 134.8 KiB Működik Thunderbird 31.0 - 32.*

NEW: Compatible with TB31.

2.0.10 verzió 122.5 KiB Működik Thunderbird 13.0 - 29.*

MOD: Small changes to adapt to changes in TB's composer's autocomplete behaviour.

2.0.8 verzió 120.8 KiB Működik Thunderbird 24.0 - 25.*

FIX: A bug in the English locale made the search bar disappear.

2.0.5 verzió 120.6 KiB Működik Thunderbird 13.0 - 25.*

FIX: Fixed a CSS bug that messed up the chat tab.

2.0.4 verzió 120.2 KiB Működik Thunderbird 13.0 - 24.*

NEW: Contact Tabs's search engine is now used in Thunderbirds email composer for email completion (Feature kindly sponsored by GmbH)

2.0.1 verzió 115.7 KiB Működik Thunderbird 13.0 - 20.*

NEW: Integrated latest translations from Babelzilla
NEW: Introduced option to show name of address book next to contact name in search result.

2.0 verzió 114.8 KiB Működik Thunderbird 13.0 - 17.*

NEW: Support for Mac OS X, thanks to Leszek(teo)Życzkowski
NEW: Search modes are combinable. You can now, i.e., search for names and phone numbers at the same time
NEW: Layout of Contact Tabs's own contact editor can optionally switched etween one and two columns, supportbs small resultions, i.e. on netbooks
NEW: Single Tab Mode: Optionaly, open all contacts in the same tab
NEW: Support for TB 15's new chat feature
NEW: Email addresses in Contact Tabs's search result popup are clickable and open a composer
NEW: Contact Tabs's toolbar is now styled like any other Thunderbird toolbar, new icons thanks to Leszek(teo)Życzkowski
NEW: Moving a contact between address books now shows an information message after the move
NEW: Contact data can be copied to the clipboard, address format is locale-dependent

1.8.3 verzió 63.0 KiB Működik Thunderbird 5.0 - 16.*

NEW: Locale CA
NEW: Changes to make Contact Tabs work with the new chat feature of TB 15.

1.8.1 verzió 57.0 KiB Működik Thunderbird 5.0 - 14.*

FIX: Small fixes in italian locale
NEW: Locale zh-CN

1.8 verzió 55.0 KiB Működik Thunderbird 5.0 - 14.*

FIX: Fixed a bug with contact editing when invoked by clicking on the star
MOD: Improved compatibility with third-party themes such as Silvermel (Thanks to bird)
NEW: Locales for fr, nl, sr
NEW: Search for name implemented in all search modes
NEW: Popup for search mode Names and Emails now shows company name and phone numbers in the results (Thanks to Kai Hörner)

1.7 verzió 51.0 KiB Működik Thunderbird 5.0 - 11.*

NEW: Several new Locales
NEW: Selecting address books in doesn't close the context menu anymore making it possible to select/deselect more address books at once
NEW: Keyboard-Short Ctrl-Shift-E
NEW: Contact editing directly on tab
NEW: Add or edit a contact in a tab directly from the email header

1.6.7 verzió 37.0 KiB Működik Thunderbird 5.0 - 11.*

NEW: Locales für es-ES, es-GL
NEW: Selecting addressbooks in doesn't close menu anymore making it possible to select/deselect several address books at once
NEW: Keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Shift-E
NEW: Tabscrolling.